Start Outlook in safe mode

Start Outlook in safe mode

Running the application in safe mode allows you to use it even in cases where certain problems occur. This mode is especially useful when Outlook is unstable in normal mode and the cause of the failure cannot be found.

Today we are going to see two ways to start Outlook in safe mode.

Start in safe mode with the CTRL key

This method is faster and easier.

Find the Outlook email client shortcut, press the CTRL key on your keyboard, and while holding it, double-click the shortcut with the left mouse button.

Now confirm the execution of the application in safe mode.

That's it, Outlook will now run in safe mode.

Start in safe mode with the / safe parameter

In this option, Outlook will be launched through a command with the parameter This method is convenient because there is no need to search for the application shortcut.

Press the Win + R key combination or select Run through the RUN menu.

A window opens before us with a command prompt. Enter the following command "Outlook / safe" (the command is entered without quotes).

Now press Enter or OK button and start Outlook in safe mode.

To run the application in normal mode, close Outlook and open it as usual.

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