Subscribe to facebook page

Subscribe to facebook page

The social network Facebook offers its users a function such as subscribing to the page. You can subscribe to receive notifications about user updates. It is very easy to do, just a few simple manipulations.

Add a Facebook page to subscriptions

  1. Go to the personal page of the person you want to subscribe to. You can do so by clicking on their name. To find the person, use the Facebook search in the upper left corner of the window.
  2. Once you have navigated to the profile you want, just click «Subscribe».to receive updates.
  3. You can then hover over the same button to configure notifications for this user to be displayed. Here you can unsubscribe or prioritize showing notifications for this profile in the news feed. You can also disable or enable notifications.

Problems with subscribing to a Facebook profile

In most cases, there should be no problem with this, but it is worth noting that if there is no such button on a particular page, it means that the user has disabled this feature in their settings. So you won't be able to subscribe to it.

You will see the updates of the user's page in your feed, after subscribing to it. Your friends' updates will also show up in your news feed, so you won't have to subscribe to them. You can also send a request to be added as a friend to the person to follow their updates.

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