Subscribe to Telegram channels for Windows, Android, iOS

Subscribe to Telegram channels for Windows, Android, iOS

Active Telegram users are aware that with their help you can not only communicate, but also consume useful or simply interesting information, for which you only have to go to one of the many thematic channels. However, those who are new to this popular messenger do not know anything about the channels themselves, their search algorithm, or the subscriptions. In today's article we will talk about the latter, because we have already talked about solving the subscription problem above.

Subscribe to Telegram channel

It is logical to assume that before subscribing to a channel (other possible names: community, publish) in Telegram, you have to find it and then also filter it from other elements that the messenger supports, which are chats, bots and, of course, the common users. All of this will be discussed below.

Step 1: Find a channel

Previously on our website, we have already discussed in detail the topic of searching for communities in Telegram on all devices with which this application is compatible, here we will only summarize it briefly. All you have to do to find a channel is to enter a request in the messenger's search bar using one of the following templates:

  • The exact name of the audience or part of it in the form of @namewhich is common within Telegram;
  • The full name or part of the usual name (what appears in dialog previews and chat headers);
  • Words and phrases directly or indirectly related to the name or subject of the searched article.
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The following material explains how to find channels in different operating system environments and on different devices:

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Step 2: Identify the channel in the search results

Since regular and public chats, bots and channels on Telegram are mixed, in order to choose the item of interest from the search results you need to know how it differs from its 'counterparts'. There are only two quirks you should pay attention to:

  • To the left of the channel name is a speaker (only applicable to Telegram for Android and Windows);

  • Immediately below the normal name (on Android) or below and to the left of the name (on iOS) is the number of subscribers (the same information is displayed in the chat header).
  • Note: In the Windows client application, instead of the word "subscribers", the word "participants".as you can see in the following screenshot.

Note: In the Telegram mobile client for iOS, there are no images to the left of the names, so the channel is only distinguished by the number of subscribers it has. On Windows computers and laptops, you should mainly focus on the mouthpiece, as the number of members is also indicated in public chats.

Step 3: Subscription

Thus, once the channel has been found and verified that what is found is exactly that, to receive the information published by the author, you must become a member of it, that is, subscribe. To do this, regardless of the device used, which can be a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, click on the name of the item found in the search,

and then on the button at the bottom of the chat window «Subscribe». (for Windows and iOS)

o "Join up". (for Android).

From now on, you will become a full member of the community on Telegram and you will receive regular notifications about new entries in it. Actually, the audible notification can always be disabled by clicking the corresponding button where the subscription option was available.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated to subscribe to a Telegram channel. In fact, it turns out that the procedure of precisely searching for and identifying it in the output results is a much more complicated task, but still solvable. We hope this short article has been helpful to you.

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