Summertime Saga Guide – All romances 100%

In the Summertime Saga guide we teach you how to find all the endings, romances and situations in the game. We will also give you some tricks to find money and other things that will help you progress faster

Summertime Saga Guide – Debbie

You'll need to win over Debbie by doing various house and garden chores, like mowing the lawn or fixing the sink. But she is the woman you live with, and although the story is a bit extended you are going to get several endings.

Summertime Saga Guide – Diane

She's your neighbor, that's why you also have her close. And you will also have to assist her with her garden, or rather orchard, in this way as with her milk production. This story is effective, although somewhat twisted and stores spectacular situations.

Summertime Saga Guide – Jenny

Your other roommate, maybe your sister, is Jenny. Another long story, like Debbie's. But it still has multiple endings. In this situation, you will have to please her with gifts, all erotic toys.

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Summertime Saga Guide – Johnson

She is the lady of Erik's house, with whom you will have the possibility of having a romance from carrying out yoga exercises. Of course, there will come a time when you will have to make choices, and depending on your selection, you will have the possibility of finding her romance with her or with other individuals.

Summertime Saga Guide – June

Although you are going to meet her well before, you will only have the possibility of having an affair with her depending on what you decide to carry out with Mrs Johnson. She was actually going to be Erik's girlfriend, so you decide if you want to understand the outcome, which actually has an interesting cosplay.

Summertime Saga Guide – Mia

It is the true resemblance to a girlfriend that you will find in the game. Although of course this is about romance, that's why you will also have the possibility of having a story with her mother. To get hold of Mia you'll need to start by studying with her, and then you'll need to find her family again.

Summertime Saga Guide – Helen

She is Mia's mother, so if you have an affair with her you will block her daughter's. Although Helen doesn't really see it as a romance, she thinks you're purging him.

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Summertime Saga Guide – Aqua

A blue siren that initially looks like an enemy, but nothing could be further from the truth. You're going to need some particular bait for her to show up, but what she really requires is someone to mate with.

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Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Bissette

It's French class. That's why you must find a dictionary, look for some food books in the library, read a poem, pass the exam and contribute to Roxxy so that she also passes. In the end you will pass the class and you will get to know the teacher a little more

Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Ross

It's art class. That's why get ready to find materials, the renowned magazines and all the elements, paints and colors that you will need to achieve coloring. When you own it all you will win a contest and a cheap prize, apart from the romance with Miss Ross

Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Okita

It's science class. That is why you will have to find some glasses, an engine, the elements for a mental potion and some serums. In this way you will be able to pass the science class and unlock the situations with Miss Okita

Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Dewitt

It's music class. You will have to win a music contest, for that you will have to create a flute, recruit a band, and do whatever it takes to keep teacher Miss Dewitt happy

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Point by point guide – Judith

It is a very simple ending to find, so even if it is not the most remarkable, you cannot miss it.

Dot by dot guide – Daisy

One of the newest additions to the game, easy to find

Point by point guide – Roxxy

The reality is that it belongs to the longest and most complicated romances, but who doesn't want to pick up Dexter's girlfriend?

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Point by Point Guide – Eve

The blue-haired girl also has her chronicle and situations. Also, if you follow our guide, Grace and Odette join the party.

Point by point guide – Consuela

These gringos have shone, since they added a Latin character, and they couldn't think of anything else but to put her as a cleaning girl...

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