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Survey Reward is a paid research panel. There is a very attractive point, since SurveyRewardz makes it easy for us to withdraw the money we earn through Paypal. And the unbeatable thing is that we have the possibility of requesting a payment from $10. Cool huh? Since we will see how Survey Rewardz works and how to get the most out of this panel.

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What is Survey Rewardz?

SurveyRewardz is a worldwide research portal that has been online since the beginning of 2019. It is registered in the USA and is part of the P2Sample company, one of the most powerful corporations in terms of market research. This aspect ensures that Survey Rewardz has accessible research most of the time. Which in the end, favors us individuals.

Sign up for SurveyRewardz

In Survey Rewardz you can register people from all countries. Being a global research panel, it often needs criticism from individuals from all over the planet. Without any distinction. The only condition that must be met is that of being over 18 years of age or at least 13 years of age and having parental consent. If we comply with this legal requirement, we already have the possibility to continue with the next step: registering to the panel.

To create an account in Survey Rewardz there are two procedures: by mail or using a Facebook account. To continue, if you want, you can click on the link below, which will take you directly to the cover page. Once there, we will click on the “Register” tab. On the next screen we must accept the Survey Rewardz Privacy Policy and TOS. And now, enter an email, a password and click on «Register» again.

Regardless of the alternative we choose to register, whether by mail or Facebook, we must turn on the account. For that, Survey Rewardz will send us an email. So be it to the email address that we have provided before or to the email that we have associated with Facebook. When we open this email we will see a link. It will be enough to click on it and wait for it to redirect us to the Survey Rewardz website. If everything has gone well, we will already have the account activated and we will be able to start offering research.

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How Survey Rewardz Works

Survey Rewardz is among the most helpful and simple to use survey charts I've ever seen. Although the main menu is made up of 6 parts, we will really only go into one of them at a time. And in another to request payments. In this easy way.

In any situation, it is worth giving you an overview of all the sections and see what we managed to find in each one. In this way we erase any doubt that manages to appear. They are the following:

  • Dashboard » If we click on the Survey Rewardz logo we will access the «Dashboard». There you will see a little window that will expose the investigations that are accessible at all times.
  • Support for " From here we will be able to contact the Support team. If we have any questions regarding the panel, we always have the possibility to write a ticket and have them give us a cable.
  • Bill " This menu tab is not used for anything, since it also transports us to the «Dashboard».
  • Retreats » When we add at least $10 in the balance we will be able to request a payment.
  • Reference » As in all research tables, in Survey Rewardz they also have a referral system. In this chapter we will find our link and all the promotional material.
  • Recurring questions » Catalog with the most repeated questions from individuals and their respective answers.

Earn money on SurveyRewardz

One thing I like most about Survey Rewardz is that you don't have to answer typical profile questions. In most cases it often takes from 10 minutes to half an hour to fill out the profile, that's why we save ourselves. I explain. In most research tables, after registering, we are asked to answer a series of standardized questions. Thus, the invitations to research that come to us later always deal with topics according to our interests. Well, in Survey Rewardz this does not happen.

Before entering a survey you have the possibility to ask us a pre-qualification question. Thus, based on our response, the panel can decide whether it fits with us or not.

Another situation is also provided in Survey Rewardz. While we are answering paid investigations, in addition to getting money, we will be progressing our rating. When registering, all individuals start with a level of 100%. If we miss a trick question or the panel detects exceptional activity, the rating will drop. However, if we answer honestly, our rating will improve. And as a result, Survey Rewardz will keep us in mind for future research.

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How to fill out surveys

To answer a survey in Survey Rewardz we must go to the «Dashboard». From there we are going to click on the invitations to investigations that come out. The value of each survey varies on the functionality of the subject and the time it takes to complete it.

Suvey Rewardz paid surveys

At the end of a survey correctly, the earnings will be assigned to the balance. The money we earn with each survey comes to us instantly and automatically as soon as we finish it. As this happens and the balance is updated, we now have the opportunity to continue with the next survey.

Survey Rewardz pays

Survey Rewardz pays in two ways: Through Paypal or by Bank Check. There is nothing more motivating to continue doing work on a site than receiving a first payment as soon as possible. In SurveyRewardz you can request a payment from $10.

Although my procedure Payment Favorite is Paypal, it is worth mentioning that in Survey Rewardz you can also collect by means of Bank Check. In this situation, the minimum payment stipulated by the panel is $5, which will send us the check with the requested amount directly to the postal address that we indicate.

Suvey Rewardz Withdrawal

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▶ How request a payment

Even though Suvey Rewardz gives us the opportunity to collect earnings by check, I want to use Paypal's payment processor whenever I can. In this way, I consolidate the earnings from numerous sites in one place and later withdraw them to my bank account.

To receive a payment from SurveyRewardz by Paypal we will follow three simple steps:

  • First of all we go to the “Withdrawals” tab. In the main menu.
  • Now we enter the proportion of money that we will withdraw and write the email that we have associated with Paypal.
  • We click on “Withdraw”.

Survey Rewardz takes between one and seven days to make the payment effective.

Survey Rewardz pays Paypal

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Key features of Survey Rewardz

Now that we have seen the performance of Survey Rewardz, it is time to appreciate the pros and cons. The reality is that it works really well, but well, since we are here, we are going to take something out of it and investigate all the data.

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» Survey Rewards is used for individuals from all over the planet. Venezuela included. There are research charts that limit entry to people from a specific country. On sites like SurveyRewardz, Mobrog or Ysense no.

» So far, I'm getting 4 or XNUMX day-to-day research invites. I don't give the profile in all of them, but I can carry out a few of them and continue adding money to the balance. That is what is being talked about. I log into my account and see if it lets me do a survey. If you let me, fine. And if not, since I'll be back after a while or the next day.

» The most effective part of Survey Rewardz is that it allows us to withdraw from 1$. This offers us the alternative of charging very regularly, since with responding a few investigations of $0,50 we would already be in a position to carry it out.

» In SurveyRewardz investigations work in the same instant. That means that there is the possibility of cases in which we want to enter a survey and it does not let us "because the maximum quota was reached". It never happened to me, but if they notify it, it is because it will happen occasionally.

» They have the ability to disqualify us over the course of a survey if they detect unusual activity. Some examples could be answering the questions very quickly or not answering the trick questions correctly.

Attention, if we do not connect to Survey Rewardz for more than 4 months, our account will be closed.

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SurveyRewardz Reviews

Survey Rewardz is a completely trustworthy survey panel. It pays fast, but it also has the incentive that we have the possibility of collecting by accumulating $1 in the balance. Being one of the few paintings that require such a low minimum payment. In addition, in my opinion, it is very practical to carry out investigations when we wish. In fact, Survey Rewardz does not send invitation emails. But we are the ones who must enter the web and see if there is any usable survey. You have to be on the lookout!

After testing the Survey Rewardz website for many months, it more than earned being part of my portfolio of reliable pages to get money responding to inquiries. As we saw throughout the tutorial, its use is very simple and in custom it is simple to work with. So why not evaluate? If you liked Survey Rewardz and want to create an account, you can do so by clicking on the link below. And if there is any doubt, I invite you to use the comments and ask everything you need. Until next time!!

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