The best applications to make giveaways

If you are trying to find an application to carry out raffles, you have found the ideal article since throughout numerous days we were doing a job analyzing the best apps for raffles. In this article we list the ones that we consider to be without a doubt, the best apps so that you can make your own raffles and, in addition, you will have the possibility to see which is the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, we will tell you the virtues of using an application to carry out raffles y we will navigate through the most indispensable Analyzing those properties that we have understood are the most essential to take into account when choosing one of them. Finally we will finish with our suggestion to guide you in your evaluation development.

It is no mystery to anyone that the popular media has transformed the way in which we communicate with our users, and today, with the progress of technology, That a company that wants to offer visibility to its products or services does not have digital interaction channels is impossible to conceive.

One of the most used forms today (obviously after the programs to watch porn) to increase visibility is through the execution of Sweepstakes. Here you can read our article about how to carry out giveaways on Facebook where we tell you the point by point of the construction of a giveaway on this network.

Mentioned above, raffles are a huge occasion for the company to achieve the objectives of visibility, to connect with our audience and increase brand awareness.

We must take into account that there are two key moments for which we want to make a drawthe first one is for the carry out the publication from the beginning of the company and the second must do with the reminder or relaunch of the brand, products or services.

Advantages of using an application to carry out sweepstakes

There are many virtues to doing a giveaway. Without a doubt, the greatest benefit of doing a raffle is advertise your brand. The raffles will allow you to have a huge presence in the media and with it, in addition to being able to retain your users, you will have the possibility to expose yourself in front of viable new users. Another of the considerable virtues is that you will have the possibility of increase the proportion of followers, since, if you have several, they could viralize your content and more people will reach your giveaway.

In the end, one of the considerable virtues of conducting sweepstakes is that of find emails of new leads.

List of the best apps to carry out raffles

Let's take a look at this catalog of 11 applications (just as good as sstiktok) that we have at our disposal to carry out sweepstakes, contests or promotions. Here we list the 11 best that currently exist in the market:



This It is the most complete application of all. Its purpose is to offer global coverage to the utilities that you may require to increase your business on the Internet. Not only is used to run sweepstakes and contests on communities such as Facebook and Instagram, but it is also used to make landing pages, create popups, manage your email marketing campaigns and do A/B tests of your campaigns. I mean, Wishpond is an all in one.

If you contract the service with Wishpond, not only will you have the possibility of carrying out contests and raffles, but you will also have the possibility of using vital utilities for your marketing strategy on the table:

  • Creation of landing pages. Every marketing operation must have an acceptable landing page, that is, a page that allows you to hook your potential users.
  • Email marketing. Send communications to your individuals via email. Email marketing is the digital marketing channel that transforms the most, which is why you have to use this alternative.
  • Pop-ups and banners. In order to increase the transformation of your pages and your landing pages, Whispond gives you the opportunity to make popups and banners that capture information from your users or that redirect them to your campaign landing pages.
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From €49 per month you can start enjoying all the above services up to a higher of 1000 leads.

cool tabs

cool tabs

This application is another of the most used since it has numerous apps to carry out sweepstakes and contests of images, videos, discount coupons, questions and answers questionnaires en Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The freeware version has its restrictions, since you can only use the content apps to adjust the tabs on your Facebook page. It is essential to highlight that this application It not only focuses on raffles and contests, but also provides more functions that go further, such as research, quizzes and reviews that can be integrated into your website.. Also gives own CRM module to manage your leads. This application to carry out raffles has three plans: Stone, Gold and Diamond, and the costs range from €20 to €225. It is reachable from any gadget.

Integrations with social networks: Cool-tabs integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


This utility makes it easy to manage content on the networks in one place with the opportunity to run contests, promotions and sweepstakes. This is substantial to possess presently, since If we are looking for a utility to manage our communities (Hootsuite type), Agorapulse is an acceptable alternative and also makes it easier to create sweepstakes and contests. One of its enormous virtues is that the statistics work at the same instant, with which you will have the possibility to understand online the arrival of your campaigns, the notoriety of your brand and the viralization of your publications, including you can contrast the statistics of your rivalry. It has an alternative that makes it easy to spot the most active fans, to turn them into users. AgoraPulse has 4 projects from $49 to $299.

AgoraPulse is an incredible and very complete application that is not only used to make sweepstakes and manage them, but also makes it easy to automatically create and manage content in communities and has its CRM to manage leads.

Another of the considerable virtues of Agorapulse is the opportunity to freely use apps to carry out contests and monitor your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. It is a good choice to start working with sweepstakes and contests.



They claim to be an application for small, medium and huge companies. This app for giveaways It makes it easy for you to make great landing pages for sweepstakes, contests, promotions or simply increase the conversion rate in our campaigns. Very specializing in raffle campaigns. It is suggested for corporate pages since it has huge customization options that give it a very professional touch. Shorstack gives three configurations for the use of a giveaway or contest: drive traffic to your website, create leads and participation. This utility has Freeware version for Facebook campaigns with a higher than 25.000 fans. The premium plan can reach $499 per month. In the same way as the previous ones, ShortStack makes it easy for individuals to enter from a gadget.

Integrations with third-party apps: Shorstack integrates with different apps like Zapier, Mailchimp, Adweber, Constant Contact and Highrise.

Shortstack can be integrated with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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This application to carry out raffles belongs to the most used and the easiest to manage. Also, it has a wonderful livelihood with a very agile response time. This utility has numerous scenarios in its rates: basic, premium and white label, with costs that range between the 15 and the 250 euros. Easypromos gives multiple apps (more than 20) such as those for making raffles, discount coupons and promotional codes. It is simple to use since it does not require any programming understanding and it is multi language since it supports some 30 languages. We have also highlighted Easypromos' ability to send emails to competitors through its mailing system. Is utility you can integrate written content, images and videos, and can be used on the following social networks: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. By Easypromos we have highlighted your recruiters app, with which we will have the possibility of increasing our competitors through the opportunity to pay them rewards for suggesting the draw to their friends.

The biggest drawback that Easypromos gives is that it does not give a white label, unless you pay the most expensive service.

Applications provided by Easypromos to carry out raffles:

Sweepstakes with registration, raffles on Facebook, raffles on Twitter, raffles from a catalog, raffle on Youtube and the instant Winner.



This utility belongs to the most finished. It makes it easy for you to make contests of images, videos, stories or integrate Twitter, Youtube or Vimeo on your Facebook page (Fanpage). SocialTools also works from any device: smartphone, tablet, and PC. Socialtools gives numerous projects and in relation to the number of fans it has some costs or others. Up to 300 fans is free and can cost up to $699 for a fan page above 500.000 fans. This application gives the opportunity to use well over 21 apps of all kinds. It is a utility very focused on sweepstakes and contests, but it lacks functions to complement it with CRM apps and administration of sweepstakes campaigns through communications to competitors.

Socialtools applications to carry out sweepstakes:

Giveaways with multiple configurations, regular giveaways, giveaways with investigations and giveaways with ratings.

Integrations with social networks: Social tools make it easy to complement communities like Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube.



This utility provides numerous types of applications: sweepstakes, contests, promotions and content. In the same way as Easypromos, this gives 21 types of apps, although not all are for giveaways. One of the most outstanding properties is that has an application called GetFans, which makes it easy to exploit all the virality of Facebook to find more fans for your page. In addition we must highlight your CRM to manage your users and communications with them. Perhaps this belongs to the reasons why Trisocial offers fewer integrations with apps from others. It also makes it easy for you to make seamless, custom coupons to recruit fans among fans. In relation to the content apps, it gives you to make tabs to Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, contact form, make a location map, etc. This most recent property is very substantial since it is an indication of the breadth of the services provided by Trisocial, which transcends raffles and contests offering integrations with communities of various types. The value ranges from €19 to €199. In the same way as the previous one, it also works from a device: tablet, smartphone and PC.

Applications to carry out sweepstakes: It offers the main apps and has plus functions inside to make it more viral in different communities.

Integrations with social networks: Trisocial can be complemented with most of the most popular communities like Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.



It is very usable for the expert Facebook Follower Page because it makes it easy for you to make coupons, contests, research, landing pages, and edit your designs. Woobox offers a huge number of options (more than 25 applications) to complement other interfaces such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube. This utility gives an edition from $30 to $500. Woobox provides a very good support service.

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Woobox apps to run giveaways:In order to carry out raffles, which is what concerns us in this text, Woobox provides apps to grab leads and award a random winner and select a winner by 'likes' on Facebook or Instagram. For other uses, it gives options for contests of images, videos, hashtags and other functions.

Integration with communities: Very focused on Facebook, but also includes relationships with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.

Woobox integrates with CRMs like Mailchimp, Adweber, and other popular ones.



It is a application to carry out raffles where we will have the possibility of making promotions in the Follower Pages of Facebook and on our website. This app gives a huge stat system, just like Woobox. You can run video contests, photo contests, sweepstakes, research, reviews, promotions, coupons, and giveaways. It can be used on mobile phones such as smartphones and tablets. It is of great help for small companies, for marketing experts and highly suggested for publishing applications. In relation to the rates: part of an elementary one of $19 up to €499 per month. His support is only in English.

Despite everything mentioned, Antavo is not very suggested for giveaways, and is more intended for more complex and ambitious reaffirmation programs such as in-store reaffirmation programs.



It makes it easy for us to run sweepstakes and contests on Blogging, Twitter and Facebook. You can adjust and make the contests according to your budget, you can even export it to your website or blog totally free. It enables the administration of competitors and the selection of winners. Another enormous virtue is that Bloomer gives Well done landing pages. It has templates in Power Point and Photoshop formats. The landing is responsive and the value is from €5 per draw or contest on Facebook, and €15 on Twitter, it also makes it easy for you to adapt the contest to numerous interfaces, in addition to Facebook and Twitter you can export it to your blog. Its strongest part is the low price, but in terms of features and services it cannot challenge huge apps.. If you want a light and cheap satisfaction, this is your alternative.

Offerpop (The new wyng)


Application to carry out raffles that gives 15 resolutions for Facebook, 6 for Twitter, 2 for Instagram and one for Pinterest. Here you can monitor the draws from the device and by categories. The value of this utility is from $16 to $808.



Simple application that makes it easy for you to randomly draw a winner for your contest. Also, if you want to certify that you did the contest randomly fulfilling your rules, you can make the payments of 2.99 euros and they will certify it.

How to select the best application to carry out sweepstakes?

Many of these apps to carry out Sorteos They will be useful to you at the time of making the draw that you have in mind. At the moment of selecting the application that suits you, it will depend on the pretensions of your operation and the utilities that you already have in your organization.

If you want to start with a draw and evaluate its aptitude and benefit, perhaps Agropulse or Blonder have the possibility of being the most used options.. If you want to go further with your draws and run more powerful draws, then I suggest you consider Easypromos, Socialtools and Trisocial. At the end, if you want a suite to go further and manage communities (Agropulse) or manage your own leads from the same utility then evaluate Wishpod.

We hope this catalog of apps has been useful for you to carry out raffles and we hope we have helped you focus your shots, which is always appreciated in utility evaluation processes. Also, we suggest you read our article about apps for Instagram, if you want to be a guru of this community.