Best DNS for Venezuela [current_date format=' Y']

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the system that translates the domain names of each web page, to the address used by computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment. After these names are translated, the team can successfully access the page and download all the information.

Many people believe that there are down pages or have slow internet, when they are only using default DNS of their Internet Service, which slows down the speed. If you want to improve your speed when entering a website, add the best DNS for Venezuela and you will see the change.

In case some pages get blocked due to censorship or some other particular reason, changing the DNS can help you bypass that block. When changing to the best DNS for Venezuela, you request the pages through another server and not your internet service.

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The best DNS for Ps4 in Venezuela

PS4s, just like computers and mobiles, require a good DNS to access different pages and connect to PlayStation Network servers. To improve the speed of your PS4, it is best to update the DNS and place the best DNS for PS4 in Venezuela.

To add the DNS to your PS4 in Venezuela, you can do it directly on your console, another alternative is to do it through your home router. By adding the DNS to the router, not only your PS4 will be able to enjoy the best DNS for Venezuela, but all the equipment in your home. The best DNS are the following.

  • Google: –
  • Cloudflare: –
  • Level3: –
  • SafeDNS: –
  • OpenDNS Home: –
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How to improve internet download with DNS

To download files on the internet, through direct downloads or torrent, it is best to change the DNS. This will speed up downloads, since the DNS server is much faster than the Internet service. To download, the best DNS for Venezuela They are as follows.

  • GreenTeamDNS: – 88.198.133
  • Google: –
  • FreeDNS: – 235.1.177
  • CleanBrowsing: –
  • UltraDNS Family: – 154.71.3