Fastest DNS Servers - Low Ping, Fastest Speeds

Using the wrong DNS server for your PS4 or Xbox One can crush your ping time or worse, slow down your connection speed. [amazon bestseller=”wifi” max=3] In fact, most gamers only use the default DNS servers that their ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns, and these are almost never the… READ MORE

Best DNS for Venezuela [current_date format=' Y']

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the system that translates the domain names of each web page, to the address used by computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment. After these names are translated, the team can successfully access the page and download all the information. Many people believe there is... READ MORE

Best DNS for Mexico [current_date format=' Y']

When you enter the address (with letters) to a page on the Internet to connect, your computer enters a DNS server, which translates this name to the true numerical address of the page. This DNS server is usually the one that designates your internet server, generally being a server that they have in their company. … READ MORE

Best DNS for Colombia [current_date format=' Y']

When entering a page on the internet, you generally use a written address, which involves the name of the page you are going to enter. These addresses are not the actual address of each page, each page has a unique numerical address. DNS servers are the system through which your computer is… READ MORE

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