Best Online Translators and Dictionaries (English - Russian)

Best Online Translators and Dictionaries (English - Russian)

I plan to structure this article on online translators and dictionaries as follows: the first part is more suitable for those who do not study English or translate professionally, with my explanations on the quality of the translation and some nuances of use.

At the end of the article, you may find something useful even if you are an English language guru and have been doing it for over a year (although you may not know most of the listed features).

What can and can't a free online translator do?

Don't expect an online translation system to convert quality English text into quality Russian text. Suitable for the expectations options to use such services, in my opinion:

  • The ability to understand with relative precision (assuming knowledge of the topic) what the English text says for someone who does not know the language at all;
  • Translator assistance: Being able to view the original English text and the result of the machine translation at the same time allows you to speed up your work.

Find the best online translator from English to Russian

When it comes to online translation, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Translate, and recently Yandex has a translator as well. However, the list is not limited to Google and Yandex, there are other online translators from companies with less big names.

I suggest you try translating the following text using different translation systems and see what happens.

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For starters, my own translation, without using any other online or offline helper or dictionary:

The SDL Language Cloud translation service is wholly owned by SDL. Clients manage their own translation accounts, can receive project quotes, choose the desired level of service, place orders and make payments online. Translations are performed by SDL-accredited linguists in accordance with SDL's high quality standards. The translated files are delivered within the agreed time to the specified email address and all project management tasks are performed online. Our three levels of service guarantee high quality relative to price, and our “no surprises” policy means that we always honor our commitments to you.

Google Translate online translator

Google Translate is available for free at (.com) and the use of the translator is simple: at the top you select the direction of the translation, in our case from English to Russian, paste or you write the text in the form on the left and on the right you see the translation (you can also click on any word on the right to see other translation options).

Tip: If you need to translate large text using Google's online translator, you can't do it using the form. But there is a solution: to translate a large text, open it with Google Docs and select "Tools" - "Translate" from the menu, set the translation direction and the new file name (the translation will be saved in a separate file in Google Docs).

Here's what Google's online translator produced with a test text snippet:

In general, it is readable and sufficient to understand what it is about, but as I wrote above - if the desired result - a quality text in Russian, it is necessary to work hard on it, no online translator will not cope with it.

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Yandex Russian to English online translator

Another free online translator is Yandex, which you can use at

The use of the service does not differ much from the same in Google - select the translation direction, enter the text (or specify the site address, the text from which you want to translate). Note that there are no problems with large texts in the Yandex online translator, which, unlike Google, processes them successfully.

Let's see what is the result of using the text to check the English-Russian translation:

It can be seen that the Yandex translator is inferior to that of Google in terms of tenses, verb forms and word agreement. However, we cannot say that this delay is significant: if the subject of the text or the English language is familiar to you, the result of the translation in Yandex.Translation is quite feasible.

Other online translators

There are many other online translation services of texts from Russian to English on the Internet. I have tried many of them: quite well known in Russia PROMPT (, various purely English-speaking systems that support Russian translation, and I cannot say anything good about them.

While with Google and to a lesser extent with Yandex, it can be observed that the online translator at least tries to match the words and sometimes even determine the context (Google), with other services you can only get the substitution of words from the dictionary, which roughly leads to the following performance results:

Online dictionaries for those who work with English

And now about the services (especially dictionaries) that will help translate for those who do it professionally or are enthusiastic about learning English. Some of them, like Multitrans, you probably know about, and some you probably don't.

Multitran Dictionary.

Dictionary for translators and people who already understand English (there are others) or want to understand it.

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The online dictionary includes many translation options, synonyms. There are various combinations of words and expressions in the base, even very specialized ones. There is a translation of abbreviations and acronyms, possibility to add own translation variants for registered users.

In addition, there is a forum where you can ask for help from professional translators, who respond actively and directly.

Among the disadvantages, there are no examples of using words in context, and the translation option is not always easy to choose if you are not a professional of the language or the subject of the text. Not all words have a transcription, there is no possibility of hearing the word.

ABBYY Lingvo Online

In this dictionary you can see examples of word usage in sentences with translation. There are transcriptions of words and verb forms. For most words there is the possibility to hear the pronunciation in British and American variants.

Forvo Pronunciation Dictionary

Ability to hear the pronunciation of words, expressions and known proper names of native speakers. The pronunciation dictionary does not offer translations. Also, native speakers may have accents that differ from the normative pronunciation.

Urban Dictionary

An explanatory dictionary generated by users. Contains many modern English words and expressions not found in translation dictionaries. There are examples of use, sometimes of pronunciation. A voting system for favorite explanations has been implemented, allowing you to see the most popular ones at the beginning.

PONS online dictionary.

PONS Dictionary to find expressions and phrases with the word you are looking for and the translation, transcription and pronunciation in Russian. Translation help forum. Relatively few terms.

Visual online dictionary

Visual Dictionary of English, includes more than 6000 images with subtitles, there is an option to search for words or 15 topics. It requires some knowledge of English, because the dictionary does not translate, but shows in the picture, which can leave misunderstandings if you are not familiar with the Russian terminology. Sometimes the word searched is displayed in a conventional way: for example, when searching for the word "Toy", an image is displayed with a store, in which one of the departments is a toy store.

I hope this all helps someone. Anything to add? - We wait for your comments.