The Last Of Us PC: Advances in the field of emulation

If you would like to try a video game full of human beings transformed into cannibals after a pandemic in the United States, we invite you to read the following article The Last Of Us PC, a breakthrough in the field of emulation, all the data you need to handle to play and download it to your computer.

Main characters The last of us.

The Last Of Us PC, a story of action, horror and adventure

It is a video game developed by the American Naughty Dog, whose story is based on the experiences of Ellie and Joel after a pandemic in the North American country, which transformed people into carnivorous and extremely dangerous creatures with which they have to fight to stay alive and manage to finish each level.

Its narrative is centralized in its two main characters played by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.

The Last of Us PC is based on different books, documentaries and films such as: No Country for Old Men, Planet Earth, Gravity, The world without us, The road and City of Thieves which share a concept similar to the story that it handles this video game.

On the other hand, this horror, adventure and action story was marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 in 2.013, but years later it was released for PC.

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Due to two of its predecessors, Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot, this video game obtained a lot of expectation among the public, so when it was published, its developers did not wait long to receive excellent reviews because of the mechanics, characters, narrative, characteristics of the characters feminine, sound and visual design.

All these aspects led to it receiving more than 240 awards in the best game of the year category, as well as several recognitions to the point of being able to develop other installments of it, such as: The Last of Us: Left Behind, The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us 2 PC.

Taking advantage of user demand for the video game, HBO is in the process of developing an adaptation by Craig Mazin and Druckmann for television, making it one of the most successful video games in recent times.

What are the game modes it offers?

The Last of Us offers two game modes, the first is the campaign in which the user needs to study different areas of the country, where they can use different weapons to defend the characters that are in the plot, and the second option in multiplayer.

In both modalities, it will be possible to play against the artificial intelligence used in the game by its developers and among the weapons that they can use are: shotguns, pistols, rifles, glass bottles, baseball bats, bows, bricks, pipes of lead, sawed-off shotguns and revolvers.

Advances in video game emulation

First of all we must say that when we talk about emulation it is simply when the computer behaves like another device, video game consoles, old operating systems or some programs.

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In the case of video games, emulation tries to allow users or players to increase the resolution of the game, add more effects, be able to use other controllers or even do any kind of new things that they could not do before with their games.

This concept has always been confused with video game virtualization, but we must clarify that emulation uses a complete copy of the software and hardware while virtualization only copies a part of the hardware that is necessary, having to use a virtual machine with the same architecture to be able to function well.

When talking about the advances that The Last of Us has in relation to the emulation of the content, we found that before they only managed to execute the menu, but after the last update, a great advance could be observed in the textures that were in the video game.

We also invite you to enter Fornite, and know this video game that little by little has earned a place among gamers.

Captured image of an attack scene in The Last of us

Download The Last Of Us PC

If you want to download this video game on your computer you can do it immediately and safely through some of the recommended pages to do this procedure, such as the PlayStation Store or The Last Of Us PC Steam.

Requirements to download the Last Of Us on PC

  • Have Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.
  • Your processor should be 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3, 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or more advanced.
  • Have a RAM memory of 2 GB or more.
  • Have an Internet connection of 5 Mbps or higher.

Tips you should know before starting to play The Last Of Us

We present below the list of the best tips and recommendations that you can have in this game:

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Examine the area

When we enter our video game, the most important thing we must do in this adventure is the exploration and examination of the areas through which we pass very thoroughly.

Since we do not know when we can stumble upon supplements, ammunition, supplies, gears, among an endless number of things that can serve as defense objects against our enemies or even to heal ourselves in case of being injured.

Be very stealthy

An infallible trick is to become the quietest person in the video game, since in this way you can attack your enemies without them knowing.


A negative aspect of this video game is the few bullets that can be obtained, as well as the objects that we will make to be able to defend ourselves from our enemies, so we recommend being very stealth during the journeys.

Bricks and bottles

Throughout The Last Of Us we are going to find bottles and crabs that can help us keep our enemies away from us or even eliminate them with the help of a Molotov cocktail.

On the other hand, we can also launch it directly at each of our enemies to cause them a lot of damage or even leave them stunned and escape as far as we can.

The platinum trophy

If you want to block the platinum trophy, you must successfully overcome three games, starting with the one that has a higher difficulty mode, the second in survival mode and finally in survival difficulty, in this way you can perform this step extremely quickly.