Troubleshooting Viber in Windows XP

Troubleshooting Viber in Windows XP

Users Windows XP they often encounter problems when operating modern software, which is because many software developers stopped supporting this version of the operating system. The list of applications that install and/or run with errors in the environment of an outdated Microsoft OS includes Viber, but it is also possible to ensure the normal functioning of the messenger in this case. In the next article we will demonstrate how to do this.

What problems arise with Viber in the Windows XP environment?

Of course, the root cause of errors and failures during the installation and / or launch of Viber in the Windows ExP environment is the impossibility of normal interaction of new technologies introduced by the developers of the messenger in their offspring with an outdated operating system. .

The above factor determines the ineffectiveness of using the most correct and secure algorithm to obtain software in relation to Viber under the considered conditions. So, when downloading the distribution kit of the latest version of the application from the official website of the developer and then trying to start the Messenger Installation Wizard in Windows XP environment, users face the "crash" of the installer, accompanied (not always) by operating system error messages, most of the time: "The application completes after pressing CTRL + C" .

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In a persistent desire to have Viber on their PC, users often find a way to implement it (for example, download and unpack repacks and portable versions of an application from the Internet, copy a folder with program files from other computers, etc.). Be aware of the folly of using this approach: in 99% of cases an attempt to start the messenger will end with the error "Viber.exe is not a Win32 application" .

Correct installation of Viber on a Windows XP computer

Avoiding the above crashes and other errors when installing and opening Viber in Windows XP is not only possible, but also quite simple. To do this, you should not use unofficial solutions, but you should install, following the instructions below, the version of the client application recommended by the developers of the messenger for the "old" OS - 6.0.1 .

  1. Make sure Windows XP is updated to SP3, if the update did not go through for any reason, download and install the "Service Pack 3" following the instructions below: Read more: Upgrading from Windows XP to Service Pack 3
  2. If you have Viber installed but it doesn't work on your computer, uninstall Messenger Read More: How to Completely Remove Viber Messenger From Computer
  3. Open section "Download" from the official Viber website by clicking the link below Download Viber for Windows XP from the official website
  4. Then, ignoring the button «Download for Windows» , scroll down the open web page.
  5. Click on the link «Download Viber for Windows XP» en "Are you using a different version of the operating system?" , which will start the download of the "correct" distribution kit in our case.
  6. Wait for the instant messaging installer to finish downloading.
  7. Further. If the link that allows you to get the version 6.0.1 of Messenger is removed from the official Viber website, which is almost certain to happen sooner or later, to download the application, use an alternative source: Download the latest version of Viber compatible with Windows XP
  8. Run the resulting Viber 6.0.1 installer.
  9. Check the checkbox "I accept the terms and conditions of the license" and then click on "Install" .
  10. Wait for the messenger installation to complete.
  11. Click on "Close" in the window "Successful configuration" .
  12. Activate Viber on your PC, following the instructions in the material in the link below.Read more: How to activate Viber on a computer
  13. After completing the above steps, problems with using Viber in Windows XP, including the appearance of the error "Viber.exe is not a Win32 application" , in most cases they are removed and the messenger can be used without encountering critical faults.
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Although the solution proposed in the article is not ideal and may not meet the user's expectations, it will have to be applied, since there are no other effective methods to ensure the relatively normal operation of Viber on the Windows XP environment.