Turning on the keyboard backlight on an ASUS laptop

Turning on the keyboard backlight on an ASUS laptop

The keyboard backlight of an ASUS notebook is a great decoration and at the same time a practical addition when you need to use the device in the dark. Next, we will explain how the backlight can be turned on and off on this laptop.

Backlit keyboard on an ASUS laptop

The backlit keyboard is only installed on certain notebook models, predominantly gaming devices.

  1. You can find out about the backlight in the official datasheet or by inspecting the keys "F3" и "F4" for shine icon.
  2. The keyboard must have a button that works "Fn.".

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  3. To turn on the backlight, press the key. "Fn" and repeatedly press the button "F4". Depending on the number of keystrokes, the brightness of the illumination will gradually increase, allowing you to select the most comfortable settings.
  4. You can lower the brightness in the same way, but instead of the above combination, you should use the key combination "Fn + F3"..
  5. In some cases, the backlight can be turned off completely by pressing the buttons simultaneously "Fn" и "Space"..

Note: Highlighting cannot be disabled by system means.

This concludes this article, as per the ASUS specification, the backlight cannot be turned off with other key combinations. If you use other combinations on your laptop, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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