Unblock a person on Facebook

Unblock a person on Facebook

If after having restricted a person's access, the need arises to allow him to view his timeline and send messages again, then it is necessary to unblock him. It is very easy to do, you just have to understand a little editing.

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Unblock a user on Facebook

Once a user is blocked, they cannot send them private messages, or follow their profile. Therefore, to regain this ability, it is necessary to unblock through the Facebook settings. You only have to perform a few actions.

Go to your page by entering the necessary data in the form.

Now click on the arrow next to the quick help menu to go to "Settings"..

In the window that opens, select the section "Lock".to move on to setting certain parameters.

Now you can see a list of restricted profiles. Please note that you can unblock not only a specific person, but also several, events, applications that you previously restricted to interact with the page. You can also allow messages to be sent to a friend who has previously been added to the list. All these elements are in one section "Lock"..

You can now proceed to edit the constraints. To do this, just click on "To unlock". in front of the name.

Now you have to confirm your actions, and that's where the edit ends.

Please note that you can also block other users during setup. Keep in mind that an unblocked person will be able to see your page again and send you private messages.

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