Unlink your bank card from Spotify

Unlink your bank card from Spotify

Important! The solution methods suggested in the article are not available in the Spotify mobile apps, they can only be done through a browser.

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Method 1: Unsubscribe

Spotify, like many other streaming services, does not have a direct bank card removal option. But, since this operation is usually carried out so that no more monthly payments are charged, the logical solution and, in fact, the only one available would be to cancel the subscription to the service. Once this is done and the period is over Payment, you will lose access to all premium features. We have already discussed the procedure in detail in another article.

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Note: The above solution is only relevant for paid subscription users. With free subscriptions, the bank card details are not stored, even if they have been previously specified in the account, for example, when registering for a trial version of the service.

Method 2: Change your payment details

If you don't want to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription, but you need to unlink the card specified in your account, you must update your payment details. This is done according to the following algorithm:

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Tip: To control or limit debits, a virtual card with a certain period of validity and / or limit of online transactions can be linked to the account, the amount of which will be less than the monthly payment. These payment tools currently allow you to create almost all banks and services such as Qiwi, UMoneu (Yandex.Money), and with their help you can block the account or change its number at any time.

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Spotify Home Page

    1. Follow the link above to access the web page of the streaming service. If necessary, log into your account Read more: How to log into Spotify on your computer
    2. To open the menu, click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner,

      and select the item "Bill"..

    3. Scroll down a bit on the page that opens,

      then on the block "Payment". use the button "Refresh"..

    1. «Choose a payment method» - it can be a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account. Enter all the necessary data: number, expiration date and security code.

      Important! The bank account or card must necessarily be issued in the country specified in the service account.

    2. To confirm, press "Change payment details".

As mentioned above, it is usually necessary to unlink the Spotify card to prevent regular payments from being charged, the consequence of which is also the cancellation of the Premium subscription (by itself or by force) that will occur once the paid period has ended. .

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