How to Unlock Bitlocker Without Password

If you need to understand how unlock bitlocker without password we've got you covered. In this text you will find the information you need as well as other useful information about Bitlocker keys that can help you unlock this functionality in a simple way.

What is BitLocker Drive Encryption?

BitLocker is the short name of BitLocker Drive Encryption, is a finished volume encryption utility that is usable on various editions of Windows Vista and later OS.

BitLocker makes it easy for us easily encrypt some volume on our PC and limit entry with BitLocker key or BitLocker recovery key. After encrypting a partition with BitLocker, a lock icon will overlay the partition icon

When you turn on BitLocker Drive Encryption on a volume, you'll create a BitLocker key that you'll need to enter whenever you access the volume. Additionally, a BitLocker rehabilitation key is created.

You can use the Restore Key to gain access to the volume if you forget your key. When BitLocker is enabled, it's impossible to get into the data on the volume without a BitLocker secret key or recovery key, so BitLocker Drive Encryption can keep your data safe, even if your PC is lost, stolen, or misplaced. hard drive on a different PC.

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Unlock Bitlocker without password

When we need to unlock Bitlocker, this may happen because one of the following cases has been announced:

  • 1 case: What happens if I forget my password? How can I unlock Bitlocker without a key? I think I can find the recovery key file that I saved when I turned on BitLocker. It should be usable.
  • 2 case: I don't remember my password and I don't bring the rehabilitation password file, what should I do? Is there any way to open this denied drive?

One thing you have to understand is that the BitLocker encrypted drive must be unlocked with the key or the recovery key. The rehabilitation key is stored to prevent you from forgetting your password. Here we will discuss the resolutions to both previous occasions.

Choice forms for case 1: no password

The following are settings that you can evaluate to unlock Bitlocker without password:

Option 1: Unlock via BitLocker Drive Encryption

  • Pleasure Double click to open the denied drive or right-click to choose unlock unit.
  • Choose the alternative More and then click Enter recovery key.1
  • Enter your recovery key in the edit box, and then click To unlock.

You'd better copy the key from the rehab key file so you don't make any mistakes.

The recovery key is given to you when you turn on BitLocker on your drive. Commonly, it is stored as a file on a local drive of your PC, but not on the drive it tends to deny. keep it good Open it and copy the key.

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Option 2: Unlock via command prompt with recovery key

  • Right-click the start icon to perform command prompt (administrator)
  • Enter the next written contents to unlock and then press Enter to fill.
    • manage-bde –unlock E: -RecoveryPassword XXXXX-YOUR-RECOVERY-KEY-XXXXXX-XXXXXX
  • Example:
  • manage-bde -unlock E: -RecoveryPassword 358424-255882-494175-144969-422873-069278-089463-1359272

Possible solution for situation 2 with no key or recovery key

If you want to unlock Bitlocker without password and reset key, you can definitely unlock and open it by formatting the drive. But I am sorry to tell you that it is possible that you will lose the data inside the drive. You have no choice but to accept it.

Format the drive to disable BitLocker

  • Look for the directory where your drive is, right-click on it, and then click the alternative of formatting.
  • Then click Get Started to start formatting the drive.
  • When the observation message is displayed, you have to click on Accept.
  • After formatting successfully, you can see that your drive is currently unlocked.

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Where is the BitLocker rehabilitation key stored?

Don't panic if you lose or forget your BitLocker key and can't get into your drive. Your BitLocker rehabilitation key may be based on your Microsoft account.

When you configure BitLocker to secure your drive, you are offered three BitLocker key hosting configurations:

  • Save to your Microsoft account.
  • Save to a file.
  • Print the rehabilitation key.

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Find the BitLocker rehabilitation key in your Microsoft account

When it comes to unlocking Bitlocker without a key, the reset key may be the preferable option. On the other hand, many individuals have no idea where to find it on their PC.

The first place to check your BitLocker rehabilitation key is your Microsoft account. Besides printing a rehabilitation key, a Microsoft account belongs to the simplest ways to backup your BitLocker rehabilitation key.

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Final conclusions

Unlock Bitlocker without password it is viable, on the other hand, the result will depend mostly on whether or not you have access to your rehabilitation key. Assuming you can't find it, you may need to format the drive, which would mean losing your data.

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