Download Unlocker for Windows for free

Unlocker is that wildcard utility that everyone on the planet must have downloaded as a whole. Faced with a setback at the time of opening your files, you will have the possibility of giving satisfaction to the moment regardless of the cause. Something that should be noted is that it is only usable in English, but it is so simple to use that you will not need to have any additional knowledge to deal with it.

Unlocker is a program that helps to remove, move or rename those files locked by Windows. Remember: undoubtedly at some point you have tried to access a file and you have not succeeded. In these situations, a system 'Error' alert is usually displayed for different reasons such as “Access denied” or “The file is used by another user”, etc. Unlocker is the satisfaction for this, because it makes it easy for you to unlock the mentioned file and later manage it as you like.

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Main features

  • Unlock files: It has a central command with three main actions that allow you to remove, rename and move files to other directories on your PC.
  • Multipurpose Tool: You will have the possibility of using Unlocker regardless of the reason why Windows blocks your file, whether it is denying access or because it is in use or protected.
  • Simple and practical: The utility is supported by a text box that only has the aforementioned functionalities inside, without adversities or complementary parts.
  • Light: it only consumes elements on your PC and does not run in the background, because you choose the file you want to manage at the moment.
  • Intuitive interface: the use of Unlocker does not have any kind of secret and is accessible to any of the individuals.
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unlocker main features

How Does Unlocker Work?

After downloading Unlocker through this page, go from your suite to the program icon and run it. At the moment, a window appears with all the folders on your PC. In it you will have the possibility of choose the right file to which you have no income and want to manage. When you find it, click on it. You will see that the software offers you the alternative to remove, move or rename the file. Choose an alternative and make sure to do it.

It's free?

Unlocker is a program that you will be able to use in a completely free and without any kind of limitation.

Is it safe?

According to the information provided by its creator, Unlocker is a secure program and it does not show any kind of virus or similar threat to your system.

Alternatives to Unlocker

It is true that Unlocker is an effective and effective program, although it does not shine either due to its extensive selection of utilities, since it is very basic. There are similar configurations with complementary availabilities:

  • lObit Unblocker: In addition to unlocking your files, it makes it easy to manage and protect them.
  • Wise Force Deleter: which also eliminates locked files and makes it easy for you to see their path and status.
  • Free File Unlocker: it is an efficient alternative when it comes to removing suspicious files.
  • Deadlock: performs an unlocking utility at the moment but integrates other complementary configurations and you will have the possibility of using it in other interfaces as well.

System Requirements

Other systems

Unlocker is only usable for Windows.