Use bold on Instagram

Use bold on Instagram

Mobile device

On mobile devices, you can use bold text with the standard features available only when editing stories and some third-party apps. Also, due to the auxiliary software, the fonts can be changed globally, which will affect not only specific posts, but also the overall layout of the social network.

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Method 1: story editor

The simplest method of adding text of the desired variety is to use the tool of the same name in the story editor. Unfortunately, this solution does not apply to other types of posts due to lack of proper parameters.

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    1. Perform the creation and preparation of the material in any convenient way, if necessary, guided by other instructions in the links provided above. When finished, the built-in editor with a toolbar should open.
    2. To add the desired item, in the panel at the top right, use the icon marked "Aa" and fill in the text field in the center of the screen according to the requirements for the result. If necessary, you can also select the color layout and the position of the text using the buttons above. See also: Create captions for Instagram stories
    3. Directly, the bold font is set using the bottom panel with a list of standard options. To select, scroll the panel to the left until the text meets the requirements. You can complete the edit by clicking the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen and then placing the newly added item in any convenient area of ​​the screen. record. After that, make other changes, if necessary, and post them.

This layout option, as you can see, while offering enough variability, hardly allows you to use multiple options for the bold typeface, and therefore, in most cases, third-party tools will still be the best solution. At the same time, don't forget about the individual styles of stickers that are available when creating stories.

Method 2: graphic editors

You can add bold text to Instagram using third party image editors, for example if you are not satisfied with the standard features or if you need a signature on feed posts. In general, for the implementation of such a task, there are many programs, including those that support the export of the result to a social network, of which we will consider only one.

    1. After downloading and installing the program, you must first authorize and, once on the main screen, press the button "+" in the bottom panel. This will navigate to the list of templates. Also read: Create templates for Instagram
    2. Select the material you want to combine with the signatures with a single tap and wait for the editor to load. Be aware immediately that not all opportunities in such programs are provided for free.
    3. At the bottom of the screen, expand the subsection Tools and select Cut out . Next, you need to immediately decide on the file size, as only certain aspect ratios are allowed on Instagram.
    4. Once you've done your prep, be sure to try other editing tools, and when you're done, use the button. "Text" in the bottom panel to add a form for the new registration. The text field that appears should be filled in as needed and changes should be saved by tapping the check mark icon.
    5. Immediately after that, a dashboard with a fairly large number of text parameters will appear at the bottom of the screen, among which are "Shadow" y "Stroke" , which allow forcing the inscription to be thicker. If you are interested in a particular font, use the corresponding menu in the same area to change it. Move the added text to the desired part of the screen and add new subtitles in the same way, if necessary. When the work is done, on the main editor page, use the button with the arrow and export the post to Instagram by clicking "Share" .
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The additional processing and posting is no different than the process of adding content using standard social media tools. As a result, you will be able to add bold text even if you created a ribbon entry that does not have the required options by default.

Method 3: copy text

To add bold signatures to specific post or account descriptions, it's best to use apps that provide custom templates. Note that the method is relevant only for plain text, while clickable links such as hashtags are better for creating a standard font.

    1. On the main page of the application in question, tap the block "Enter here" and add the signature you want in bold. As you type, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the results and choose the appropriate one from the list below.
    2. When a pop-up window appears, use the copy icon in the upper right corner to add text to the clipboard. To integrate the inscription on Instagram after that, open the social network application and insert the resulting character set in the required field.

If this solution does not suit you, in the case of this software you can press the lower middle button and enable the option "Stylish text keyboard" . This will allow you to use the program as a standard virtual keyboard with access to all types of fonts, regardless of the application.

Method 4: system source

In the framework of the last and most comprehensive method, one cannot fail to mention the possibility of changing the font throughout the operating system, which will also affect the appearance of a social network, be it an application or a website. This can be achieved using special third-party programs.

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The main alternative to third-party software for changing the system font, which is relevant for iOS, may be the internal settings presented in a separate instruction on the site. It is better to consider such solutions separately from Instagram, since the layout of the posts and the appearance of the account itself for other users will remain standard.


As an alternative to the methods presented above, as well as to implement the task on a computer, you can use two universal solutions. Such methods, as a rule, do not require the intentional installation of auxiliary programs and can therefore be used regardless of the situation.

Method 1: Bots for Telegram

With the help of Telegram, you can significantly expand the standard capabilities of almost any social network, including Instagram, even for the purpose of using bold fonts. Especially for this, there are currently several bots, one of which will be considered by us as an example in the computer version of the messenger.

Download Telegram for Windows / iOS / Android

    1. Open the program in question and in the search field enter the name of the bot below. After that, you need to start it using the start button" in the chat window.textagrambot
    2. Complete a simple bot task that requires you to subscribe to another news channel. This will display an impressive list of available fonts and features at the bottom of the dialog.
    3. To get text in a specific font, select the appropriate one from the list of available options with one click. You can inform yourself about the successful completion of the procedure by message with a request to send the text.
    4. In the text field for creating new messages, enter the desired character set and send it. Immediately after that, the bot will send a counter message, which must be selected and copied by analogy with any other text.
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To add text with the selected layout, open one of the Instagram versions and paste it into any suitable field. Usually the fonts work as intended, but at the same time it also happens that empty squares are displayed instead of the inscription, unfortunately without the ability to do anything.

Method 2: online services

If you do not want to install helper programs, you can always limit yourself to online services that provide font templates by analogy with the application discussed above and Telegram. In this case, there may be many more solutions than programs, but at the same time there is practically no difference between them.

Sources for Instagram page on the LINGOJAM service website

    1. Click on the link above and in the text box «The text goes here» on the left , enter the desired text for automatic conversion. The result, using the example of all the options available at once, can be traced in the adjacent block.
    2. Find and select the prepared text and copy it using the context menu or the appropriate keyboard shortcut. After that, you can go to the Instagram website or app and open the corresponding field.
    3. Paste the text from the clipboard like any other copied data. If everything was done correctly, a set of bold characters will appear in the field.

Save the result using the appropriate button and verify correct display from different devices. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to use this option in the framework of stories.