Video viewing problems in Internet Explorer

Video viewing problems in Internet Explorer

Video playback problems in Internet Explorer (IE) can occur for various reasons. Most of them are due to the need to install additional components to view videos in IE. However, there may be other sources of the problem, so let's take a look at the most popular causes of problems with the playback process and the ways to fix them.

Old version of Internet Explorer

Failure to update an old version of Internet Explorer may make the user unable to view the video. You can fix this situation simply by updating your IE browser to the latest version. To update your browser, follow the steps below.

  • Open Internet Explorer and, in the upper right corner of the browser, click the icon Service as gear (or key combination Alt + X). Then, in the menu that opens, select the option About
  • In the window. About Internet Explorer you must make sure the box is checked. Install new versions automatically

No additional components installed or not included

The most common cause of video playback problems. Make sure that Internet Explorer has all the additional components required for video playback installed and activated. To do this, perform the following sequence of actions.

  • Open Internet Explorer (considered, for example, Internet Explorer 11)
  • In the top corner of the browser, click the gear icon Service (or the key combination Alt + X), and then in the menu that opens, select Browser properties
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  • In the window. Browser properties must go to tab Programs
  • Then press the Manage add-ons
  • In the selection menu of a supplementary screen, press Launch without authorization
  • Make sure the list of plug-ins contains the following components: Shockwave Active X Control, Shockwave Flash Object, Silverlight, Windows Media Player, Java Plug-in (there can be multiple components at the same time), and QuickTime Plug-in. You should also check that your status is in Enabled

It is worth noting that all the above components must also be updated to the latest version. This can be done by visiting the official sites of the developers of these products.

ActiveX filtering

ActiveX filtering can also cause problems with the playback of video files. Therefore, if configured, you must disable ActiveX filtering for the site where video is not displayed. For this, follow these steps.

  • Go to the site you want to allow ActiveX for
  • In the address bar, click the filter icon
  • Then click the button Disable ActiveX filtering

If all these methods did not help you to get rid of the problem, it is worth checking the video playback in other browsers, as an outdated graphics driver can also be the culprit for the video files not being displayed. In this case, the videos do not play at all.

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