VidIQ for Opera

VidIQ for Opera

Installing the extension

The only difficulty Opera users will encounter when using the vidIQ extension is its installation. This is because the developers have not yet added it to the official store, so the incorporation is done through the Chrome Web Store. To do this, install a separate extension, and only then is the vidIQ addition. Read about it in detail in another article on our site.

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Once the auxiliary extension is installed, proceed to add vidIQ by clicking on the following link. Now the button will definitely appear and there will be no problem with this task.

Skip to download vidIQ via the Chrome Web Store

Installation success is indicated by a button "Remove from Opera".displayed instead of "Install".. After completing this step, you can immediately begin to familiarize yourself with the extension's available features and try its free features.

Clip review

The main objective of the extension in question is to show the global statistics of the video seen both on your channel and that of your competitors. This allows you to monitor performance over different time periods and understand in which time period the video had the most activity and what is the level of audience engagement at the same time. Just go to any video and play it. A vidIQ box will appear on the right, displaying an authorization form. Create an account if you don't have one yet, or sign in with your Google account and link your YouTube channel right away.

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After that, you can start the review right away. The block with the corresponding title shows the effectiveness of the video from the developers of the extension, the total number of views, its number per hour and the average playback duration. The viewing time is responsible for audience participation, but the coefficient of "I like" and "I do not like" is also added. Users authorized through Facebook have more general information.

Let's move on to the next block - "Channel".The free version provides information on the total number of views for the entire period, as well as for the day. The free version provides information on the total number of views for the entire period and for the day, the channel's country of registration, the viewing time, the number of subscribers and its growth over 24 hours. Thanks to the monthly statistics, it is possible to understand if the performance of the channel is improving or not. This block works in the same way as the previous one, showing itself when absolutely any video is viewed, including its own.

Tags can be monitored in the latest vidIQ blocks, where all added keywords and their relevance are displayed. The channel theme and tags are also listed here. In the free version you will not find more information when watching the videos.

For detailed SEO information and optimization tips in the form of a checklist, purchase the full version of vidIQ, which includes a large number of features for content creators to optimize and promote content effectively.

View toolbar

All YouTube channel owners who have uploaded at least a couple of videos are familiar with the dashboard where they can manage content and view analytics data. vidIQ offers various auxiliary functions in this menu, providing more extended data. For quick navigation, pull down the extension menu and click on the line "Toolbar"..

Hover over the appendix icons to get recent views and other statistics. The graph is displayed in the finest detail, so you won't have a problem with global analyzes. There are also tips on how to improve your video, but they are only available after purchasing the full version of the plug-in.

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The next section of the dashboard focuses on tracking multiple components at the same time. This includes competitor information, trend notifications, and even various bonuses, vidIQ achievements. You can learn more about all these features by simply clicking on the desired line.

Note that most of them, like "Competitors".They are available only after authorization of the channel on the official site. To do this, you plug it in and fill in general information about the video's theme, tags, and other attributes.

Visualization of data in the channel

When viewing a specific channel, vidIQ also offers several widgets that allow you to perform actions that were previously not available on YouTube. You should start by exporting CSV, a file format in which the information about the selected channel is saved for further analysis and importing, for example in Excel. Click on the export button to know the rules for this action.

The button on the right is. "Add a competitor."which allows you to move the channel to the crawled list and get a data sample in a timely manner. This way, you can quickly find out when and which videos were trending, which tags are most relevant now, and who got the most views in a given period.

VidIQ hotkeys

Above we have already discussed the extensions panel that appears when you click its button at the top of the browser, but we have only touched the YouTube shortcut keys (it is not clear why this section is called "keys", since which is about the interface buttons). There are also keys that allow you to go directly to the VidIQ site to your profile to obtain relevant information.

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The first time you browse, you will need to complete the authorization by following the instructions on the screen. Please read the privacy policy carefully, as the extension collects user data and uses it for analysis. They certainly won't steal your passwords, but you should be aware of what channel management actions you allow this tool to perform.

Once logged in, you can freely browse the sections with the main dashboard, specific videos and subscriber data, seeing the information you need. From here, competitors are also added, video performance and viewer interest are analyzed. Don't forget that many features are only available after purchasing the full version of VidIQ.

General extension settings

We are going to finish the review with the general configuration of the extension, which you can edit to your liking, leaving only the keys and the information panels that you want to see when using the video hosting service on a regular basis. This will unload all the pages getting rid of unnecessary elements. To go to the vidIQ menu settings, press the corresponding button.

A new tab will open where you can control the settings by activating or unchecking the check boxes. In this way, you can disable most of the shortcuts and panels on the video manager pages.

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