View photos on Facebook without registering an account

View photos on Facebook without registering an account

Method 1: View a photo on the page

Unlike most social networks, on Facebook it is almost impossible to do anything, even view photos, without registering an account. To troubleshoot the lack of this feature, we suggest that you use a direct link to the desired person, page, or group.

Once you paste the URL into the address bar, you can quickly navigate to the page, avoiding the entire process outlined below. In this way, you can use both the main desktop version and the mobile version of the website.

Option 1: Personal photos

  1. If you don't have a link to the profile of the user you want, but you know the name and currently installed avatar, you can use a limited search variation. To access the desired section, open Facebook, scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the link "People"..
  2. After going to the page. «Directory of users» open tab "People". in the block. "Search by name". and click the text box Search for people. in the upper right corner. Fill in the box according to the user's first and last name and press the button "Get in". on the keyboard.
  3. This will bring up a list of profile names and photos on the page. When you find the account you want, just left-click on the name to open it.

    Be careful! Use the button "View photo". It won't give you any results, but it can launch you to the top of the list, nullifying all efforts.

    The only thing this method allows is to consult the thumbnails of the most recently added photos, marked as "Public".. Cards lie on the block "Photo"..

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Option 2: Pages and groups

  1. You can get a lot more leeway to view photos without signing up for Facebook if you only want to view feed from a publicly available page or group. If you don't have a direct link, just go to the home screen and at the bottom of the window use the button "Pages". o "Bands"..

    Note: Even if you search in different sections, there is practically no difference.

  2. Through the general list of the most popular public communities, select the one you want. You can use alphabetical sorting for your convenience.
  3. Alternatively, there is also a search engine here, sadly it doesn't work with groups, but it shows pages consistently.
  4. Once in the community, use the menu in the left column to open "Fotos".. Here are all the uploaded images.
  5. Click on the thumbnail of any image to switch to viewing mode. If you do not register, you will not be able to "like" or comment, but you will have access to all information about the photo, including comments.

Due to the severely limited nature of the solution, and the difficulty of searching if you do not initially have a link to the correct page, the method will only be relevant in special cases. In addition, the mobile application does not support operation without an account at all, so it is necessary to go to the website.

Method 2: Access a photo through a link

Another and last way to view photos on FB without registering is reduced to using a direct link to the desired image. To do this, take a URL similar to the one in the example in the screenshot and paste it into the address bar of your browser. After pressing the key "Get in". it will take you to the photo viewer, although very limited.

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