VEEW WEB – Best for adding effects to videos

Modifying videos at the moment is not a luxury, there are more and more interfaces that help us to carry it out without having to have various technical understandings.

For all the benefits that videos bring us, it is substantial to be able to modify the videos to our liking and need, and this time we expose you to an internet portal that will let you add whatever you want to your video without the obligation to download any application.

This interface makes it easy for us to access it from our browser. It has numerous settings accessible to individuals, and here we are going to show you some of the utilities that this website offers you:

  • Add images: we have the possibility to add images to the video and choose the moment in which we want them to appear and in the same way they disappear.
  • Add text: Not only do we have the possibility to add text, we also have the possibility to change the color, the font and in any case the time in which we want it to be displayed.
  • trim the video: We have the possibility to change the time we want the video to last and cut it, as well as choosing how huge its size will be.
  • Add filters: filters have the possibility of making the video look better, with VEED you can choose the one you like the most.
  • Draw on the video: draw and highlight something by choosing the brush you like the most.
  • Add stickers: we have the possibility of offering an entertaining touch to the video with some of the accessible stickers.
  • Speed ​​up the video: we will be able to speed up the video and carry out a “hyperlapse” that lies in a light camera video.
  • Delete audio: we have the possibility to modify a video and remove the audio in a simple way.
  • Slow motion: we have the possibility to edit a regular video in slow motion and it also makes it easy for you to use your imagination and carry out one.
  • Rotate the video: When trying to modify a video there is a huge opportunity that it will be rotated, with this page we have the possibility to rotate the video in the way we want.
  • Make videos for Instagram: This one has the Instagram format, it has the templates to record the video vertically with those formats.
  • Add subtitles: We will add subtitles to the video in a light way and in addition to this we have the possibility to select the most corresponding style.
  • In addition to everything mentioned, we have the possibility to add music, watermark, effects and a few more things.
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How can we check see It is a very customary and complete website, here we will be able to find everything essential to build an optimal video. Your simple income ranges from not having to download an application, to not having to create an account. All of the above makes this interface a triumph.