Verasity (vra) crypto What is it and how to buy?

Verasity VRA Token Basics bills itself as a video player that brings 'rewarded video playback technology' to top video publishers across the planet. theoretically provides a patent-pending video player that facilitates VRA rewards, monetization, and loyalty schemes within the video. player's wallet. The startup claims that its technology is usable by 280.000 video editors with 240 million individuals and 50.000 billion visits per month.

Verasity is an attention-based video and gaming interface that makes it easy for content authors to earn token rewards. Instead of trying to make a Youtube coincident with cryptocurrencies, a la Dlive, Verasity is intended to complement existing interfaces like Twitch, Youtube and Vimeo.

Behind the scenes, Verasity was busy, making an entry into Asia's lucrative broadcast market through a joint venture with Jun Capital, while a token burn saw 17% of the VRA supply withdrawn from circulation. In the fourth three-month period of 2019, the startup announced a 20-fold increase in video views and a 10-fold increase in wallet registrations.

History of Verasity VRA Token

  • It had a private and public sale in the first three-month period of 2018, ending in the second three-month period. But it had a second public sale in the fourth three-month period. He released his GenesisPlayer that same three month period. The value was $0.0075, right now it is $0.0006 (2/11/2020).
  • It has a token lock for the set until 2023 (at least).
  • To date, more than 90% of VRAB (BEP2) was changed to VRA ( ERC20 ) in VeraWallet (29-7-2020).

Token Allocation

  1. Token allocation:
  • 30.5% Token sale.
  • Foundation reserve of 25% (illiquid for an indefinite period of time, they say, but also 'until necessary').
  • 20% creators and set (locked until 2023).
  • 13% wager program.
  • 7.5% Advisors and partners.
  • 4% rewards and referrals.
  • At the time of the Blockfyre report (third three-month period of 2019), 66% of the tokens were still locked.

“VRA/VRAB ownership is well distributed across 18.000 addresses (Binance Chain + Ethereum), and TOP 100 occurrences (Top 50 Binance Chain + Top 50 Ethereum) with no portfolios in the pool hold only about 44%”


  1. Token Details, Tx Fees and Burns
  • As of (4/12/2018) the BlockPulse report:

"Verasity charges a small transfer fee on transfers carried out on the network and uses this money to fund further advancement of the platform."

  • Makes symbolic burns. “Verasity uses 50% of all principal from transfer and ad fees to buy back and burn VRA/VRAB tokens, ultimately going to be in a deflationary token supply.” The interface has burned 2.100 billion VRA tokens since its inception, 17 percent of the total supply.

stakeout program

  • From this (Q3 2019) Blockfyre report on Verasity:

The primary drawback is with the token and the associated tool. The requirement for a blockchain makes sense, but the token could use more utilities since the staking software is the sole reason for the subjectively low agility. When the pool of participation is depleted, this can lead to significantly greater agility and therefore selling pressure. In addition, there are proportionally several tokens assigned to the pool and the base (45%) .

  • In response, Verasity extended (21-1-2020) the Stakeout Program and:

The tokens needed to pay out staking rewards will continue to come from the Rewards Pool, according to the whitepaper. If the Rewards Pool is depleted, the tokens needed to pay out the Staking rewards will be purchased from external VRA / VRAB exchanges. So some overriding aggregate token to fund the novel later staking end date isn't going to have an inflationary run-in in the startup's tokenomics.

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VRA Rewards

  • From this AMA (3-12-2020):

We are not paying publisher compensation with VRA. We find him paying compensation to the publisher in cash as a share of the capital of the propaganda. The VRA is only used to entice viewers to view content and ads without ad blocking.

Viewers earn VRA rewards for viewing ads. Publishers and Verasity get fiduciary capital from ads. The proportion of capital that Verasity raises is important. Additionally, the publisher must proceed to barter markets to acquire VRAs to reward their own individuals and secure their VRA reward campaigns.”

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How Verasity VRA Token Works

How do you imagine it works?

  1. Viewers earn VRA by noticing videos and ads or by suggesting more individuals.
  2. Publishers buy VRA from exchanges to fund their campaigns and build audiences that they monetize through additions, e-commerce, and subscriptions, and then reward VRA to individuals.
  3. Advertisers purchase VRAs to reward viewers who view their ads with the goal of reaching and engaging potential users.
  4. Individuals have the ability to stake their VRA and receive daily rewards for doing so.
  5. Individuals also have the ability to grant VRAs to authors or publishers and (hopefully) purchase goods services with it.
  • From this AMA (3-12-2020), about bots taking over;

It is difficult to differentiate them, but there is a human action that is difficult to imitate and the user must create an account in Vera Wallet to get their reward, which is still difficult for a robot. There will always be a % of fraud, it is impossible to stop it 100%, but we will keep it within admissible parameters


  • It is on the Binance chain. It all started on Ethereum but moved (04/07/2019) , because of faster tx speeds on Binance.
  • It will use a "patent-pending blockchain technology that generates accurate, secure and auditable audience verification measures." called “Eye Test” (verification and analysis). The blockchain is going to be used to store all non-video data, such as the record of all micro transfers and the various smart contracts.
  • As of (4/12/2018) the BlockPulse report:
  1. “Verasity is going to launch its own blockchain based on the Graphene DPoS design. This modular blockchain facilitates a prominent transfer volume and the ability to substantiate transfers within 3 seconds.
  2. Proof of View: A system that records user views through a succession of hashes that are stored on the public blockchain. PoV works in tandem with Veraplayer to ensure views are legitimate. An example case is that a view will not be counted if the video player is not actually exposed on the screen, to prevent individuals from repeatedly viewing content in another tab of their browser.
  3. Video Hosting and Delivery: Verasity uses a custom interface that, in conjunction with a content delivery network, facilitates the delivery of 8 petabytes of data per month.
  4. Veraplayer is a proprietary video player that is blockchain-enabled and powered by PoV, attached with a 60 frames per second high-definition stream.”
  • At the moment (11-2-2020) it is seen that you are going to use it, it is a requirement to register on your website.
  • From this AMA (3-12-2020):

We are not creating an interface to communicate videos. Verasity provides the utilities and infrastructure for publishers to monetize and reward. We found ourselves creating a cover over other video players like Twitch, YouTube, etc. Interfaces for communicating videos don't have a chance to compete because they try to change the workflows of publishers and the habits of viewers. They simply did not succeed in challenging YouTube. Take the example of PewdiePie, who came out on Dlive with only .25% of his fans.


  • It was launched in 2019.
  • From this (Q3 2019) Blockfyre report on Verasity:

The staking allocation is slowly released into circulation at a rate of 0,1% on the amount staked (currently 2.500 billion) per day. The circulating supply is about ~3.600B VRA/VRAB, of which about 69% is currently staked.

VRA/VRAB ownership is well spread across 18.000 addresses (Binance Chain + Ethereum), with TOP 100 occurrences (Top 50 Binance Chain + Top 50 Ethereum) without pool wallets holding only about 44%.”

Fire Protection

  • From his blog (20-4-2020):

As suggested in the White Paper, Verasity is going to continue to take a random amount of all earned capital and fees and buy back VRA from exchanges to be burned with the goal of shrinking circulation and total supply. Verasity will notify the social network from time to time following buyback and burn events. Verasity has burned VRAs since its publication.

Road map

  • It can be seen (11-2-2020) here. The route paper has everything before 2020 marked. It has the possibility of being a special idealization, or they advanced in their roadmap with their most recent renewal (5-1-2020).
  • New roadmap is underway (19-10-2020).
  • They plan to “Get VRA with no obligation to wager, with a VRA display app with prompts on the mobile gadget boot interface” in the first three months of 2020.
  • They plan to 'launch testnet on an exclusive blockchain' in the last quarter of 2020, which is also going to launch the Proof of View test version.
  • From this AMA (3-12-2020):

We will be announcing a fiat gateway in a few weeks that will allow individuals to purchase VRAs simply with VRA via bank transfer and receive fiat when they sell their VRA.

  • Verasity we are complete to publish (6-1-2020) a Blockchain-based game store. Verasity will also incorporate tournament properties into the offering, allowing players to order a tournament and battle other players around the world for rewards and VRA Tokens.
  • In a renewal (24-2-2020):
  • Of its renewal (6-4-2020):
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  • As of (4/12/2018) the BlockPulse report:

Verasity Foundation is a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands under the Corporations Act and registered as a foundation company in connection with the Foundation Companies Act 2017.

Verasity does not register its tokens under the US Securities Act and maintains that its tokens are tool tokens only.”

Pros and Cons of Verasity VRA Token


  • Live product. Which is gaining usage “During the 9 months to December 2019, publishers experienced strategic growth to 1,3 million viewers. Typically, on average, that's 5 times more audience engagement since adopting Verasity's care-based interface via our Software Development kit and breaking all expectations to this day. Since our launch in April 2019, the publisher's initial Beta edition for 2019 has already reached 1,3 million monthly viewers. Brave browser took well over 2 years to get the same development as Verasity could in 8 months! «
  • Market clear purpose with a product that solves a real problem. It's more,
  • the set is creating a growing network of partners and publishers in its
  • destination industry.
  • Use Software Development Kit on existing interfaces like YouTube, instead of creating a video interface itself.
  • Have skin in the game with your mobile game: Triviata. That 'yields substantial capital for Verasity!' This means that they know how their product works and also that they are earning money for advancement.
  • The venture looks professional, the website is up-to-date, the route paper looks possible.
  • Token lock for the set until 2023 (at least)
  • High percentage of participation (69%) distributed among managements. “VRA/VRAB ownership is well distributed across 18.000 addresses (Binance Chain + Ethereum), and TOP 100 occurrences (Top 50 Binance Chain + Top 50 Ethereum) without pool wallets are only about 44%”
  • The interface has burned 2.100 billion VRA tokens since its inception, 17 percent of the total supply.


  • There are several projects with a similar perspective out there.
  • Although there is a clear go-to-market strategy, we haven't yet seen the biggest demand for a product like this, which is going to change with a better tool and overall user experience.
  • It is not fully decentralized “We have elements of centralization that matter to run a successful business. But we decentralize the value of our network into the functionality of our token.”
  • It has several advisors (who got tokens) and only 33% of the tokens are in circulation. This looks something from 2017 ICO 'sh.
  • Their proof-of-sight blockchain is set to have testnet in the next three month period and mainnet should launch at year targets.
  • The betting rewards program ends in 2021, so what happens next with betting is a bit weird.

Competition Verasity VRA Token

  • Elemental Care Token, Steem, Props, and Flixxo.
  • From this (Q3 2019) Blockfyre report on Verasity:

The purpose of the set is not to challenge the considerable interfaces to communicate videos, but to add an added cover on top of them. Using a video module Software Development kit rewarded for 95% of all online video interfaces for editors does not require any changes to the editor's workflow or changes to the viewer's video interface options. In our opinion, this is a superior model and offers a greater chance of success in the long run.

In the crypto space, numerous competitors are trying to create similar interfaces. Most of the popular ones (for example, Brave ) use a model where a new browser is required to deny ad capital and then replace it with front-end prompts. The question of the ability of this model to scale beyond a small group of first individuals remains unanswered, as it may not create enough incentive for huge publishers and viewers to change their habits and move away from interfaces. and browsers. So Verasity is in a unique position and has a clear USP."

Verasity VRA Token Team, Investors, Partners


  • As a Cayman Islands Foundation, Verasity is tax-exempt (9-3-2020).
  • The finished set can be found here (11-2-2020). There are 11 ensemble members in total listed on the website, in addition to the Executive Directorate, primarily in the advancing areas of Blockchain and Digital Marketing. Apart from the central set, there are also 10 advisors inside.
  • Chris Gale; Executive Management “Founder and CEO of Ad Tech Company, Odyssey Mobile, which successfully moved to Phunware in 2014 and then listed on Nasdaq in 2018. Crypto Investor and Blockchain Advisor. 15 years of technology and digital media”. He was in crypto since 2016.
  • John Rankin; Executive management «Entrepreneur of the publication of videos and propaganda. John founded and built a global video propaganda business with international entertainment company Outfit 7, authors of the best-selling Talking Tom mobile app, which received 7 billion downloads."
  • Max Gutchenko; Chief Technology Officer » Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a proven track record of working in the Internet industry. Video and Blockchain».
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  • David Rowe; Advisor "Founder Hydro66, CEO of Black Green Capital, main creator of the Easynet group which was sold to BSkyB, former member of the board of directors of Sky."
  • Scott Brown; Technology and Blockchain Professional "VP of Product Management, CEO of Akamai, VP Technology Fellow of Octoshape, Turner Media Systems Development, AOL."
  • Sangjin Hong; Advisor «Entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder and CEO of Chain Cabinet (a blockchain startups interface). Colleague at Kstartup (a startup accelerator based in Korea). Former Product Manager at Microsoft."
  • Christopher Keshian; Advisor «CEO of APEX Token Funds . A group that invests in crypto funds such as Pantera and Multicoin Capital. He is also a fellow manager at Neural Capital and a revolutionary head of blockchain technology. He was the CEO/Co-Founder of the first fiat gateway to the Ethereum ecosystem.”
  • Mark Ramberg; Executive management “GM Media and Entertainment, Amazon VP Business Development, Akamai Business Development, Microsoft”.
  • Andy Long ; Blockchain and Data Center Professional «20 years of experience in telecommunications and finance in strategy, advancement and business administration. Director of Strategic Forwarding, Black Green Capital, responsible for leading Hydro66's trade publishing and creation as CEO of startups and continues to advise on strategy in the data center and Blockchain space."


  • From his blog (20-4-2020):

We anticipate that in 12 months we will have 28.000 subscriptions Payment which will contribute $350.000 in capital over year one. By the end of Year 2, paying GameStore subscribers are projected to number 250.000 with a total revenue of $3.417.000. Year 3 increases to 790.000 subscribers and well over $15.000.000 in capital.

Verasity's operating costs are closely managed and are under $1,650,000 per year. Based on today's business model, it is not expected to increase substantially over the next three years. Many of the major major investments, such as interfaces and technical advancement, have already been made and Verasity is now poised to reap the rewards of its work. The business will break even, and all costs per month will be covered by the capital per month, for the first three months of 2021 using only GameStore's most conservative capital forecast. If the GameStore grows faster or ad capital for publishers returns to normal, the break-even point is going to be a lot sooner. Verasity has more than enough reserves to cover this time frame, as well as the goals on the Roadmap and all the marketing costs associated with scaling the business.”

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How to acquire Verasity crypto (VRA) Token With ?

The first thing we must do is register in if we do not have it, so here is the link: registration.

STEP 1 TO BUY Verasity crypto (VRA) Token:

The first thing is going to be to create a account if you are not already, so here is the registration link: GATE.IO Registration

Once we are registered and with everything verified, we must acquire USDT to exchange it for ACH Token and since it is impossible to acquire it with a card in, at least in Spain, we are going to use Binance to acquire it and transfer it to

To buy USDT on Binance we are going to use the same procedure as buying ETH in the uniswap tutorial, but we simply buy USDT instead of ETH.

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STEP 2 TO BUY Verasity crypto (VRA) Token:

Once with our USDT we must transfer them to and for that we must go to our Wallet and offer “Deposit” to put the USDT.

By offering "Deposit" it will take us to the next page, in which we must choose the currency we want to put (USDT) and select the TRON network.

We copy the address and go to the Exchange where we have the USDT, in our case it is Binance and we offer to withdraw it, we must paste the address that we copied before and choose the amount to withdraw.

And ready after a while we will have our USDT in

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STEP 3 TO BUY Verasity crypto (VRA) Token:

At this time we must enter and offer the market, and then offer "Professional"

At this time we must search for “VRA” in the search engine and select the pair “VRA/USDT”.

When we click on “VRA” we go to the bottom right and put the proportion of VRA that we want to exchange for USDT.

We give it to buy and that's it, we already have it in our Wallet.