Ways to change the order of photos on Instagram

Ways to change the order of photos on Instagram

Method 1: Clear and Post

To this day, on Instagram, neither through the mobile app nor through the web, it is not possible to reorder the photos in a direct sense, since the material is strictly linked to the publication date. This is also the only way around this limitation, which requires downloading, deleting, and republishing the photos.

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And although the application has the ability not only to delete, but also to archive files, in the latter case, the publication date does not change, and therefore the recovery will not affect the position in the list in any way. It should also be noted that there are no third-party tools that can in any way circumvent the specified features of the resource.

Method 2: Publish the configuration

The only method of the social network in question that allows you to change the position of the images is to use the new post editor in carousel mode. In this case, please note immediately that this option is strictly saved before publishing the content, while afterwards each image will receive a date and, consequently, its place in the list.

  1. In any tab of the application, press the icon with the image "+" on the bottom panel. Here you should immediately use the button "Select several".to activate carousel mode, which allows up to ten files to be uploaded simultaneously to a single publication.
  2. Place the markers next to the uploaded snapshots, noting the numbering that determines the order. If you want to add snapshots, you must prepare the material in advance in the tab "Camera"..
  3. Once the publication is ready, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen and complete the configuration using the internal editor. On the last page, press the check mark button, and that completes the procedure.

    The ability to edit the carousel has nothing to do with the order of the images and extends to the captions and marks. Therefore, even in this case, only the first method of instructions will be relevant after publication.

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