Ways to connect PS3 to computer

Ways to connect PS3 to computer

The Sony PlayStation 3 game console is very popular and therefore many users will have to go through the procedure to connect it to a PC. This can be done in different ways depending on your needs. We will talk about all the nuances regarding the connection later in the article.

PS3 to PC connection

Today, there are only three ways to connect the PlayStation 3 to a PC, each with its own characteristics. Depending on the method chosen, the capabilities of this process are determined.

Method 1: Direct FTP connection

A wired connection between the PS3 and the computer is much easier to set up than with other types. To do this, you need a suitable LAN cable, which can be purchased at any computer store.

Note: The cable box must have multiMAN.

PlayStation 3

    1. Use a network cable to connect the game console to your PC.
    1. Through the main menu, go to "Configuration" section and select the item "Network Configuration" .
    2. Here you should open the page "Internet connection settings" .
    3. Specify the type of configuration "Special" .
    4. Select "Wired connection" . We will also consider wireless technology in this article.
  1. On the screen "Network device mode", configure "Automatically detect" .
  2. In the section "IP address configuration", go to element "Handbook" .
  3. Enter the following parameters:
    • IP address -;
    • Subnet mask -;
    • The default router is;
    • Primary DNS:;
    • Additional DNS -
  4. On the screen "Proxy server" , set the value "Do not use" and in the last section "UPnP" select "Deactivate" .
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  1. Through the  "Control Panel", go to the window "Network administration" See also: Opening the control panel
  2. In the additional menu, click the link "Change adapter parameters" .
  3. Right-click on the LAN connection block and select the line «Properties» .
  4. Make sure to uncheck the checkbox "IP version 6 (TCP / IPv6)" . We use Windows 10, in other versions of the operating system, the name of the item may differ slightly.
  5. Click on the line "IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" and use the button «Properties» .
  6. Here you need to check the box next to the item "Use IP address" .
  7. Add special values ​​to the lines shown:
    • IP address -;
    • Subnet mask -;
    • The main gateway is
  8. After the actions performed, save the parameters.

FTP manager

To access the console files from a PC, you need one of the FTP administrators. We will use FileZilla.

Download the FileZilla program

  1. Open the previously downloaded and installed program.
  2. Enter the following value on the line Host .
  3. In the fields "Number" y "Password" you can specify any data.
  4. Click on el button Fast connection to connect to the game console. If successful, the lower right window will show the final directory of multiMAN on the PS3.

This concludes this section of the article. However, be aware that in some cases a more detailed configuration may be required.

Method 2: wireless connection

In recent years, the wireless Internet and the transfer of files between various devices have been actively developed. If you have a Wi-Fi router and a connected PC, you can create a connection using special settings. Other actions are not very different from those described in the first method.

Note: You must have your router enabled with active Wi-Fi sharing beforehand.

PlayStation 3

  1. Go to section «Internet connection settings» a through the main parameters of the STB.
  2. Select the type of configuration "Simple" .
  3. Select "Wireless" of the connection methods presented.
  4. On the screen WLAN configuration, select Scan . When done, specify your Wi-Fi access point.
  5. The values "SSID" y "WLAN security settings" , leave the values default.
  6. In the field of WPA key, enter the password for the access point.
  7. Now save your settings with the button Enter . After the test, an IP and Internet connection should be successfully established.
  8. Through "Network Configuration", go to the section «List of configurations and connection states» . Here you must remember or write down the value of the line «IP address» .
  9. Run multiMAN for smooth FTP server operation.
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  1. Open FileZilla, go to Menu file and select Site Manager .
  2. Click the button «New site» and enter the name you want.
  3. In the  "General", On the line "Host", Enter the IP address of the game console.
  4. Open the page Transfer settings and check the Connection restriction check box .
  5. After clicking the button "Connect", You will be given access to PlayStation 3 files by analogy with the first method. The connection and transmission speed depends directly on the characteristics of the Wi-Fi router.

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Method 3: HDMI cable

Unlike the methods described above, connecting a PS3 to a PC via an HDMI cable is only possible in a small number of cases when the video card has an HDMI input. If there is no such interface, you can try connecting a computer monitor to the game console.

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To replace your monitor with a TV, use a dual HDMI cable to connect both devices.

In addition to all that has been said, it is quite possible to organize a connection through a network communicator (switch). The required actions are almost identical to what we described in the first method.


The methods discussed along the way will allow you to connect the PlayStation 3 to any computer with the ability to implement a limited number of tasks. In case we missed something or you have any questions, write us in the comments.

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