Ways to enter the BIOS of a Samsung laptop

Ways to enter the BIOS of a Samsung laptop

The average user only has to enter the BIOS to set any more advanced parameters or settings on the PC. Even on two devices from the same manufacturer, the BIOS entry process may differ slightly as it is affected by factors such as laptop model, firmware version, and motherboard settings.

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How to enter the BIOS of a Samsung

The most common keys to enter BIOS on Samsung laptops are F2, F8, F12, Deleteand the most common combinations are Fn + F2, Ctrl + F2, Fn + F8.

This is the list of the most popular lines and models of Samsung laptops and the BIOS input keys for them:

  • RV513. In the normal configuration, to enter the BIOS when the computer is booting, press F2. Also in some modifications of this model instead of F2 It can be used Delete;
  • NP300. This is the most common line of laptops from Samsung, which includes several similar models. In most of them, the BIOS is controlled by the F2. The only exception is NP300V5AH.as it uses the following for input F10;
  • ATIV book. This series of notebooks includes only 3 models. On ATIV Book 9 spin и ATIV Book 9 Pro. Access to the BIOS is done using the key F2and in ATIV Book 4 450R5E-X07 - With the help of F8.
  • NP900X3E. This model has the following key combination Fn + F12..

If your laptop model or series is not listed, you can find the access information in the user manual that came with your laptop when you purchased it. If you can't find the documentation, you can check the electronic version on the manufacturer's official website. To do this, just use the search bar to enter the full name of your laptop and find the technical documentation in the results.

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You can also use the "push-stick method", but it usually takes too long, because if you press the "wrong" key, your computer will continue to boot, and it is impossible to test all keys and their combinations during startup of the operating system.

When starting the laptop, it is advisable to pay attention to the inscriptions that appear on the screen. On some models, messages may appear stating the following "Press (key to enter BIOS) to run setup". If you see this message, just press the key that appears there, and you can enter the BIOS.

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