Ways to listen to music on your Android device

Ways to listen to music on your Android device

Method 1: Players

Special applications -players- are used to play music. The principle of its operation is similar to each other, but all players differ in additional functions (or, conversely, in their complete absence): a built-in equalizer, the ability to work with playlists, change the theme of the interface, the widget, etc.

Option 1: Built-in Player

The default player is pre-installed on all Android versions, with a simple interface and a minimal set of features. Unless a third-party workaround is installed on the mobile phone, music playback will be done automatically through the default program. Each manufacturer has its own product, but the operation of these players is usually the same. We will see the standard player of Samsung mobile phones, other manufacturers will have similar controls, although not exactly the same.

  1. Launch the built-in music player tool (usually called like this). "Music".). The tracks tab shows all the songs in the phone memory that have been recognized. To activate a track, click on its name. In some cases, you need to touch the miniplayer bar at the bottom again to expand the player to full screen with the control buttons and album artwork.
  2. To open more features, press the three-dot menu button in the player window.
  3. To minimize the player and go to the main window, select the arrow icon at the top. At the bottom there will be a panel with track information and the main buttons: start and pause playback and go to the playlist.
  4. Click the icon to jump to the track list. A new window will display the list in playback order. You can change the queue: hold down the squares icon and drag the song anywhere in the list.

Your entire music library transfers itself to the player interface. All songs are divided into albums, genres and playlists.

Option 2: Third-party apps

If the default player is not suitable or is not provided by your operating system, you can download third-party players from the official Google Play Market or the mobile phone manufacturer's brand marketplace. The developers offer a wide range of different solutions, some of which may involve an additional subscription fee, while others are completely free.

In our separate piece, the most popular and functional audio players for Android are ranked. The author considered free solutions, as well as players equipped with the option to purchase a premium version. In addition to a short description, there are also download links.

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Method 2: File manager

Some file managers come with a simple built-in player, which means you don't need to launch a separate application to get familiar with a track. One such browser is the free RS File Manager app, which can be downloaded from the Google Store for Android. Of course, it's more for occasional listening than constant use.

Download RS File Manager from Google Play Store

Start the file manager and through the main window select the section with the music. A list of all audio tracks present in the device memory will be displayed. Find the track you want and tap on it, then a simple playback control panel will appear at the bottom.

You can do the same if you're looking for music through the Explorer folders: just find the song and start it.

Method 3: Browser

You can listen to music on Android on websites using any browser. This option saves memory space and is also suitable for familiarizing yourself with the track.

  1. Open the web browser you are using and in the search box, enter your query "listen to music".. You can also enter a specific artist or musical group. A list of results will appear, in which you need to select any of the sites.
  2. The algorithm then depends on the selected resource. In most cases, there is a play button next to the track you need to play.

A major drawback of this method is the absence of a player, as the music will be played through the site's built-in player. Also, you cannot turn off the screen of your mobile phone: playback will stop immediately.

Method 3: Streaming Services

Streaming music services are very popular for their convenience, their vast collection of songs, and not having to download them to your phone. Most of them offer a premium account and once purchased, you get access to an unlimited audio collection, which is regularly replenished.

Option 1: Yandex.Music

Yandex.Music app is a functional streaming service through which you can find almost any song, with all tracks conveniently divided into categories and playlists. For a quick search implemented a special bar. You can add your favorite songs to your favorites list and even download and listen to them later through the app without an internet connection.

To listen to music on Android through Yandex.Music, all you have to do is find the track you want and start it. In our separate article, read the detailed instructions on how to use the player on your mobile device. The author has broken down subscription and general settings, as well as how to find and listen to music.

More information: How to use Yandex Music

Option 2: YouTube Music

Another way to listen to music on Android is the YouTube-branded app, which has a huge audio library. To use the service, you will need a Google account. In addition to online playback, you can listen to the audio files stored in the memory of your mobile device through the client. To do this, just click on the tab "Library" tab. and allow access to songs on your device.

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Download YouTube Music from Google Play Market

  1. The main window displays recommendations, mixes, playlists, and music clips. The label is at the top, clicking on one of them will open a new window in which the theme songs are selected.
  2. On the tab. "Browser" You can find songs by genre, popular and new albums, and singles. There is also a music video section.
  3. To listen to music through the service on Android, you just have to select the track you want by clicking on it. A new player window with a control panel will open and the song will start playing immediately.
  4. Other tabs appear at the bottom, where the button "Following" opens the playlist in which the song is located.
  5. You can also see the lyrics of the song or open a list of similar songs.
  6. To minimize the playback window and go to the main window, click the system "Behind" or tap the arrow in the top left corner. The song will continue to play and the navigation bar will appear at the bottom.

To make recommendations more accurate, you can specify your favorite artists based on which new songs will be suggested. To do this, in the block “Tell us which artists you like” press the button "OKAY".and then select the options.

Option 3: SoundCloud

SoundCloud service is one of the most popular free music listening platforms. Although the interface is in English, it is intuitive and simple. The application will allow you to follow the most popular music trends, listen to new songs from your favorite artists and create playlists. If needed, tracks can be downloaded for offline listening. Notably, the service is used primarily by independent musicians, with significantly fewer major labels and artists than Yandex.Music.

Download SoundCloud from Google Play Market

  1. To use the music streaming service, you will need to register. You can do it through email or your Google account.
  2. To listen to songs through SoundCloud, just select a playlist or album, then click Play..
  3. You can enlarge the playback progress and see the artwork of the tracks by clicking the bar at the bottom. To conveniently search for artists, songs, albums, and playlists, there is a section marked with a magnifying glass icon. Click on it and write your request on the special line.

Option 4: Spotify

Spotify has a vast library of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. It also has a quality recommendation system that is based on user preferences. You can create your own playlists, listen to other people's playlists, view song lyrics, listen to music offline, etc.

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Download Spotify

  1. To start playing a song, tap its title in the list. A new window will open with a control panel and other additional tools. If you touch the heart icon, the song is sent to the favorites list.
  2. Additional features are available by tapping the three dots icon at the top. A new list appears where you can add the song to the queue, hide it from the playlist, go directly to the artist page, share the link to the track in various ways and much more.
  3. To return to the main window, select the arrow in the upper left corner. The playback page will be minimized, but playback will continue. At the bottom you will see the mini player with the main controls.

The Spotify service allows you to listen to music without the need for an Internet connection. To do this, you will have to activate a special mode through the application settings. There are also some limitations and peculiarities, which our authors have discussed in detail in separate materials on the website.

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Option 5: Apple Music

Another streaming audio service is Apple Music, which is also available for Android mobile devices, but will require an Apple ID account to sign in. You can create one directly through the app interface. The service has an extensive database of songs, radio stations and playlists of themes and genres. To access all the features of the app a premium subscription is required.

download apple music

  1. After the first launch, the main window opens with various playlists and song lists. To search for a specific song or artist, you can use the built-in tool: click on the section with the magnifying glass icon and enter a query.
  2. To start playing a track, just touch its title. A player window appears with a navigation bar.
  3. The artist's most popular songs and albums are shown below. click the link "See everything". to see the list of songs or the discography.
  4. Open the additional features of the track by touching the three dots on the right. From the pop-up menu, you can queue up a track, share a link to a song, set a sleep timer, or send the song to «Media library.

download music from internet

Since most streaming services require a paid subscription to access all songs and features, you can download almost any song from the Internet to your phone. Generally, no fee is required. Our website has an article on how you can download music on your Android device. There are details on how to download from websites, copy from your computer, or transfer via Bluetooth. There are also special applications to download songs from the web.

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