Ways to Pin One Window on Top of Others in Windows 10

Ways to Pin One Window on Top of Others in Windows 10

Option 1: Dock any window

To dock a Windows window on top of all other windows, you'll have to use third-party utilities, as there are no built-in tools for that. Let's look at some free options that will allow you to make any system and software window always on top. The algorithm depends on the selected tool: some utilities have a hotkey function, others have a menu in the notification area.

Method 1: PinWin

PinWin is a free application that can be used to pin any window on top of others, even if it is inactive. It works through the notification area, where its icon will appear after installation:

Download PinWin from the official website

  1. Download the installation file and run it to install the application on your computer, following the instructions in the step-by-step wizard.
  2. A stationery button-style icon will appear in the tray, click it. A menu will appear with a list of all the windows that are running. Select one from the list or use the button "Select screen window"..
  3. The window to be fixed will be highlighted in red. Click the left mouse button to specify what should be displayed on top of the other windows.

The utility implements a hotkey when selecting a desktop window: just press simultaneously "Ctrl + Alt + V".

Although the interface is in English, it is intuitively simple. If necessary, all windows can be separated at once by selecting "Unlock all windows.".

Method 2: DeskPins

Another solution to simplify windows in Windows 10 is DeskPin. With it, you can effortlessly pin any window on top of the others:

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Download DeskPins from the official website

  1. Download and install DeskPins. After installation, click "To close". in the step-by-step wizard window.
  2. To get the app icon to appear in the notification panel, launch the app by looking for it in the list of installed software.
  3. Left click the tray icon, and then the mouse cursor will turn into a stationary button icon. Click on the window you want to pin. A button icon will appear at the top, indicating that the window is placed on top of the others.

To detach a window, hover over the red stationery button icon. A cross-shaped icon will appear and click on it with the left mouse button.

Method 3: AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey is a handy program with which the user can create various scripts for their own hotkeys. These scripts are used not only in specific applications, but also in the operating system in general. To create a script responsible for a function "Always on top" in the active window, very simple:

Download AutoHotKey from the official website

  1. After downloading the installation file, run it. Its functions are automatically integrated into the context menu of Windows 10. Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and in the list hover over "Create".. In the additional menu that opens, click "AutoHotkey Script"..
  2. Give the script a name, then right click and select the function "Edit Script"..
  3. The built-in editor will be launched by default "Memo pad". Do not delete the characters you have already entered, but type the following command ^+SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A.
  4. Click on the tab "File". and select the save option.
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Next, you will need to run the script file by double-clicking on the LKM. Now that the window you want to pin is open, just use the key combination "Ctrl + Shift + Space"..

Instead of "Space" you can specify any key by writing it to the open script file in "Memo pad".

To stop the script, just right-click its icon in the tray and select "Departure". You can also pause it using the parameter "Pause script"..

Option 2: Set individual programs

There are no built-in window docking functions in Windows: only a couple of system apps can dock themselves. Also, when it comes to the functionality of the app itself, browsers now allow you to dock the player window separately, and it docks on top of all windows by default.

Task Manager Docking

Staff Tool "Task Manager" It allows you to monitor active processes and overall system performance, so having an application window in sight is sometimes important. The developers have made this possible simply by displaying the "Task Manager. click on the tab "Options".then mark the element "Above the other windows".

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After that "Task Manager" will always be on top. Its size can be reduced by hovering over the edge of the interface so that it changes to a double-edged arrow. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the edge of the window to the desired size.

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Fix windows media player

The built-in Windows Media Player also has "Window within a window" featurethat is, at what point will it be fixed to the screen:

  1. In the running app, tap the button "Organize". and in the menu select the option "Settings"..
  2. In the new system window, click the tab "Player". and put a check next to the option "Show the player on top of other windows". Click on "AGREE".to apply the changes.

Block browser player

Some browsers have a built-in feature "Window within a window"This is useful for viewing video content from special websites or services. During playback through the resource's built-in player, you have to click on a special icon that launches the player in a separate window, which by default is on top of the others. This is available in browsers like Yandex browser, Opera, embedded Microsoft Edge.

Si en “Yandex.Browser” If there is no icon to show the videos in a separate window above the others, you will have to activate this function manually:

  1. Open section "Settings".pressing the three vertical bars on the top bar.
  2. On the tab. "Tools" find the block "Watch videos on top of other tabs and programs". Check the option «Show button in the video clips to remove the video»..

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