Ways to unlink Facebook apps

Ways to unlink Facebook apps

The social network Facebook can be used to authorize many third-party games on websites not affiliated with this resource. You can unlink such apps through the main settings section. In today's article, we will cover this procedure in detail.

Unlink Facebook apps

There is only one way to unlink games from third-party resources on Facebook, and it is available on both the mobile app and the website. In this case, not only the games authorized through the social network, but also the applications from other resources are equally susceptible to being eliminated.

Option 1: Website

Due to the fact that the official Facebook website appeared long before the other versions, all possible features are available when using it, including unhooking from pinned games. At the same time, the procedure can be performed not only through Facebook, but also, sometimes, in the settings of the apps or pinned sites themselves.

  1. Click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the site and go to "Settings"..
  2. In the menu on the left of the page, open "Applications and Sites".. Here are all the game-related options available on Facebook.
  3. Click on the tab "Active". and on the block "Active sites and applications" select the desired option by checking the corresponding box. If necessary, you can also use the search box at the top of the window.

    Click on the button. "Delete". against the list with the applications and confirm this action through the dialog box. Also, you can get rid of all posts related to the game in the timeline and see the other consequences of the deletion.

    Once unlinked successfully, a notification will appear. This completes the basic unlinking procedure.

  4. If you need to disconnect a large number of applications and sites at the same time, you can use the options of the "Settings". in the same page. Click on "Edit". to open a window with a detailed explanation of the function.

    Click on "Turns off".to get rid of all the games added in your day and, at the same time, the possibility of linking new applications. This procedure is reversible and can be applied for a quick deletion, later returning the function to its original state.

  5. All the games and sites that were ever tied will show up in the "Erased". This will allow you to find and return the desired requests as quickly as possible. However, this list cannot be deleted manually.
  6. In addition to third-party games, it is possible to separate built-in games in a similar way. To do this, in the Facebook settings, go to the page Instant games., highlight the option you want and press "Delete"..
  7. As you can see, in all the options, just use the social network settings. However, some applications also allow unlinking through their own settings. This option is worth considering, but we will not study it in detail due to lack of precision.
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The same can be said for mobile devices, since any application is linked to a Facebook account and not to specific versions.

Option 2: mobile application.

The procedure for unlinking games from Facebook via the mobile client is practically the same as for the website in terms of editable parameters. However, due to the many differences between the app and the browser-based version in terms of navigation, we will review the process repeatedly using an Android device.

  1. Press the main menu icon in the upper corner of the screen and find the section on the page "Settings and privacy".. Once you zoom in, select the item "Settings"..
  2. As part of the block. "Security". click on the line «Applications and sites».

    By reference. "Edit" Low. "Login through Facebook". Go to the list of connected games and sites. Check the box next to unnecessary apps and tap "Delete"..

    On the next page, confirm the release. Afterwards, all unlinked games will automatically appear in the "Erased"..

  3. To get rid of all the fixings at once, go back to the page "Applications and Sites". and click "Edit". In the block. «Applications, sites and games». In the page that opens, press the button "To turn off".. No additional confirmation is required for this.
  4. As on the website, you can return to the main section with "Settings". Facebook and select Instant games. in the block. "Security"..

    To unlink on the tab "Active". select one of the applications and press "Delete".. This will move the game to "Erased".

The options we have reviewed will allow you to unlink any app or website linked to your Facebook account, regardless of version. However, you must be careful when unlinking, as in some cases it may erase all your progress data in the game. However, you can unlink again.

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