Ways to unlock the keyboard of an HP notebook

Ways to unlock the keyboard of an HP notebook

As a temporary alternative, you can use the built-in Windows tool - "On-screen keyboard".. How to enable it, we have explained in more detail in our separate article for all current versions of the operating system.

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Option 1: Shortcut key

You can unlock the keyboard of an HP notebook using the function key ("F1"-"F12"depending on the device model) or its combination with "Fn". The required key is marked with a special icon, in the form of a crossed-out padlock or keyboard.

In most cases, the method works by simultaneously pressing "Fn" и "F7" o "F12".

Option 2: Unlock the digital drive

Some HP notebooks have a keyboard with a number block on the right side. By default, the keys are assigned to use arrows or functions such as "Home", "The end" o «Page down». If you want to unlock the digits, just press the key "Numeric lock"..

Some models have an LED indication on the key or on the laptop case. This allows you to see if the digital drive is active or not.

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Option 3: Troubleshoot software or hardware problems

Sometimes the keyboard cannot be activated due to a system malfunction. You may need to make some adjustments yourself, for example, update device drivers or system version, repair your operating system, or use the built-in hardware troubleshooters. Our separate article describes the most common problems that cause the input device to not work.

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If the problem is not at the software level, the keyboard will need to be replaced. When the relevant knowledge and skills are not available, it is best to contact a service center to avoid damage to the motherboard and other components of the notebook.

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