What are the Bridge Spam Decks in Clash Royale?

What are the Bridge Spam decks in Clash Royale? When we talk about Bridge Spam, we refer to those decks that will allow us to launch enemy troops from the bridge, as its name indicates, it is to spam the bridge. Regarding this, we have that we can throw all the cards we want on the bridge.

Although a recommendation is to be able to build the combos from the back, in this way, we will surely save time when it comes to launching other cards. Certainly, depending on the cards we use, we can see that there are some that have benefits compared to the others, at the moment that we throw them on the bridge. That is why we will delve into this topic.

The classic decks

In regards to bridge deck type, we have that it is more of a combo. That is why we will mention the three most suitable cards for this type of deck, as it is in the first place, the Night Witch card, the Battle Ram card and the Bandit.

From this combo, we can build the deck as we wishAs long as we can salvage as much as possible, these classic Bridge Spam decks. Let's look at some examples of these decks:

1. Deck 1

We can build it with: Battle Ram, Ice Spirit, Musketeer Trio, Gatherer, Bolt, Ice Golem, Bandit, Night Witch.

2. Deck 2

This deck example can be made up of: Poison, Baby Dragon, Pekka, Night Witch, Gatherer, Battle Ram, Bandit.

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3. Deck 3

This other deck we can build it with Battle Ram, Baby Dragon, Log, Bandit, Infernal Dragon, Poison, Goblins, Night Witch.

Royal Ghost Deck

We have to, while real ghost speed, and taking into account the invisibility aspect, we have that it is a card that goes directly into the Bridge Spam deck. While this deck may take a bit of work to complete, it certainly comes in handy for the card.

Let's remember that the type of combo we use is still very important. In this way, we will see that we can make the combinations that we think are necessary, however; let's see some examples of this deck with the Ghost Real:

What we will do is interact with the following cards, so that we can correctly assemble the most outstanding combo:

  • Ice golem
  • Download
  • Night witch
  • Infernal dragon
  • Veneno
  • Bandit
  • Battle ram
  • And the Royal Ghost.

In this way, we will have a really timely deck, as long as we want to experience other attributes as long as we are on the bridge.


Also, we will see that as for the main combo, we will have to pay 11 elixir, but it can go very quickly, launching itself with great ease. In any case, if you want to make a cheaper deck, simply select the cards you want to include that have a lower price.

On the other hand, you can always do without extra legendary cards, being able to choose only those that have the combo that we have detailed in each point.

Either way, it's about power choose wisely and effectively, although it depends largely on your style of play.

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