What can you do with an old monitor? 12 ideas

What can you do with an old monitor? 12 ideas

Technology changes so fast that once-revolutionary gadgets don't even have time to reach the end of their useful life, becoming an unnecessary garbage can and a habitat for spiders. Unused electronics are the scourge of the modern world. Many of us probably have idle fully functional gadgets, like old computer monitors, that have a variety of uses.

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It wasn't that long ago that we were glad that they would fit on our desk, turning the computer into a really compact and accessible device. Today it is just a plastic bathtub filled with electronics. It's a shame to throw it away, because it still works. However, you may have a second life, albeit of a different quality.

Old CRT monitors are not difficult to disassemble, but can even be dangerous if done incorrectly. So before embarking on any of the projects below, please read the step-by-step instructions for disassembling your drive. It should not explode and harm you in the remodeling process.

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Once safely disassembled, your monitor can enjoy its new life outside or help you bring a piece of nature into your home or office. Why not turn a plastic container into a stylish vase? The authors of the project claim that the redevelopment will take about 2-3 hours.

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Do you have a container with a glass lid? What's stopping you from turning it into an aquarium? With the help of epoxy resin and a mounting hair dryer, you can make the tank airtight. It only remains to decorate the bottom of the aquarium and introduce the fish. Perhaps, in time, there will be room for other forms of marine life in the pretty microcube.

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Miniature Puppet Theater

After removing the inside of the monitor, it can be turned into a real theater, albeit a puppet theater. Attach a backdrop to the back and cut a hole in the top to control the puppets. The discarded appliance will become a new playground for children!

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cat house

Your cat is always sitting on the computer system box so give him a chance to win at last. Let the monitor become your comfortable home. This project is an opportunity to be creative. You can decorate the house with feathers or colored paper, glue wooden handles underneath and place the house at the desired height. A hot water bottle placed under the bed makes it not only cozy but also warm.

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A nest for laying hens

Change the cushions for straw and you can set up your own bird farm. Laying hens will love this house.

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Magazine rack

This project arose as a result of a design contest. An old monitor can become a magazine rack. To do this, simply take the legs of an old piece of furniture and screw them to the base of the appliance. The author of the project has even provided a secret compartment for correspondence.

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This project is noteworthy for its sense of humor. An old battered monitor is transformed into a standard 50 liter bin after a small conversion.

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Bulletin board

The main complaint with CRT monitors is their volume. But it can be redesigned to make it compact and give it new life. It won't become a flat screen, but it can be a board for notes, memos, and papers. Just place a corkboard instead of glass in front of the monitor. At the back, you can place wooden handles to give stability to the construction. It is also possible to retrofit a flat screen monitor, which has become unnecessary.

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Photo frame

Nothing prevents you from turning your monitor into a digital photo frame, but you will have to use a whole computer for it. But an outdated monitor can make a good analog framework. You can put anything from photos to handmade creations in it.

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Personal computer

Using the Raspberry Pi single-board computer (sold here), you can turn an old monitor into a complete PC for about $50. Simply connect the Raspberry Pi to the monitor. You can also use the Raspberry Pi to build a retro video game console or a multifunctional clock, like the PiClock.

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As conceived by the author of the project, the gadget is capable of displaying the current time, the weather forecast in the region where the user is located, as well as a radar map. The developer has posted step-by-step instructions on how to build the device on GitHub, but basically all you need to build the PiClock is a monitor, a Raspberry Pi, a keyboard and mouse, and an active Wi-Fi connection.

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private monitor

If you don't want others to see what you do on your PC, turn your monitor into a privacy monitor. In the eyes of others, it will appear as a simple white screen where nothing happens, but you can work as usual while wearing the special glasses. To build the monitor, you will need an old screen, glasses, a screwdriver, scissors, polarizing film, and a razor. The process of making a private monitor is demonstrated in the following video.

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Mirror (or smart mirror)

An old broken LCD monitor can serve as a great mirror, and if the device works, it can become a "smart" mirror.

The easiest way to make a normal mirror is to disassemble the monitor, remove the screen and put it in a frame. The manufacturing process for a “smart” mirror is a bit more complicated and expensive. In addition to the monitor itself, you will need other materials such as a Raspberry Pi, a double-walled mirror, wooden frames, cables, and carpentry tools.

In addition to the forms mentioned above, old monitors can also be used as a television or screen for Nintendo Wii console, and old CRT monitors become great decorative crafts, including an aquarium.

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