What it means to specify a conference ID in Zoom

What it means to specify a conference ID in Zoom.

Due to world events, streaming, and online training, multi-party conferences are gaining in popularity. The Zoom application allows you to create conferences with or without video support and even share your screen.

The application includes a messenger to exchange messages between participants and transfer files that can be sent to an individual or to the whole group at the same time. Broadcasts on Zoom can be up to a thousand people. Below, we'll take a closer look at Zoom Conference ID, what it's for, and the issues that come up when using it.

What does it mean to specify a conference ID in Zoom?

The Zoom Conference ID is one of the ways to enter the Zoom online conference room. It is a special code and looks like a numeric combination of 9 to 11 characters. It is automatically generated by the platform when the conference is created or in test mode.

The personal identifier of the conference is fixed and individual for each user of the platform. Only the organizer of the broadcast can find out about it and with its help invite and connect conference participants to a broadcast. The identifier is entered in a special field of the application and the participant enters the desired online room.

The application has several keys – identifiers: one for personal conferences – a code is assigned to an account and is used with each video conference and another for instant calls – the platform generates a combination when the broadcast starts.

The identifications of the different issues have different validity periods. For non-recurring conferences, the validity period is 30 days from programming, for recurring conferences it is 365 days from the last broadcast.

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How to find out the conference ID on Zoom

If you are a conference organizer, you can find out the zoom conference ID for conference entry through your personal account settings. To do this, you have to go to the official website of the program and access your personal account. To connect, use your email and your personal password.

In the "Profile" tab, click on the ID of the first block of information and click "Show" to view it. If you use a special program for your computer, you also have to connect. Then go to “Conferences” – “Upcoming”. A code will appear in the upper block. In the version for mobile phones it is necessary to enter Conferences – the identifier will be specified right in the center of the screen. If the conference has already started, click the Zoom icon and the required information will be displayed in a pop-up window at the top.

The Zoom conference ID is provided by the conference organizer when the broadcast is created and all participants will be notified via email or any other accessible method.

How to create a conference ID in Zoom

The Personal Conference ID is automatically generated when you create an online meeting. If you pay a payment fee and a special license, the Personal Conference ID is available for editing. You can create a zoom conference ID on the official website. Go to My Profile in the Personal Conference ID field to change the 10-digit value and save the data.

The personal identifier must meet the requirements:

  • First digit from 2 to 9
  • There are no combinations of 800, 400, 888, 887, 877, 866, 855, 850, 803, 804, 807, 808, 809, 660, 508, 900, 200, 300, 500, 600, 700
  • All groups of digits must be different
  • There must not be three identical digits in the same group
  • Digits must be different
  • No more than 4 repeated characters in a row
  • Sequence – forbidden
  • New code for each new conference
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Where to enter the conference ID in Zoom

We already know what an identifier is and what it is for. Now we will talk about how to enter the conference. There is a version of Zoom for the phone and another for the computer. The login algorithm is different for both devices. The individual Zoom ID must be entered in the special box to access the online room.

When you start the session, the username is indicated and it will be displayed in the chat, when the messages are transmitted. At the moment of entering there is a beep to let the other participants know that you have joined, this function can be deactivated if necessary. There is an option to disable the video of you as a member, your photo will be shown instead of the video if he/she has set it.

Sign in from your mobile phone

From the app store, download and install the Zoom app. Click “Login” Use your personal broadcast ID and password to log in. The access password is mandatory. The conference organizer must provide you, along with your personal identification, the identity document. Indicate your name if it is the first time you participate; it will be entered automatically the next time you connect. Includes video and audio. If you have any problems with the login, please make sure that you enter your ID correctly.

Sign in from a computer

You can install a special program on your computer or use a web browser. No registration required. Go to the official site and click “Login”, in the pop-up window, enter your conference ID, specify your name, if it is not specified, change it if necessary. Access to the online room is complete. You can also use a special link to connect, which will automatically take you to the conference you want to attend. The link should be given to you by the director of the project that invited you.

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What to do if the DNI is not valid

When using the software, there are situations where the system does not accept the login ID. In this case, a pop-up will appear indicating that the ID is invalid. Consider the situation from the country of the administrator and the participant who has already joined the created broadcast.

For the administrator.

In most cases, you will see the message that the ID is not available when you try to access the online account. If the ID has been changed, it will not be possible to log in with the old combination of digits. First, the options to start the session. The option to log in via personal conference ID must be enabled.

If nothing changes and the code is still invalid, the easiest thing to do is to create a new conference. To do this, click "Schedule" on the main panel, specify the date and duration, and the desired audio and video settings. Create a new identifier or use the automatically generated code, and set a password. Re-invite the participants.

for participants

If you enter a conference but the system won't let you through due to an invalid ID error, please re-enter the combination first. You may have made a mistake and the software won't let you through. Make sure the identification code you are copying is up to date and has not expired. Check the number of digits to enter, you may not have assigned the entire section when trying to copy.

Contact the organizer to see if they have given you the correct identification code. Try to connect a little later, as high traffic volume can cause Zoom to crash. Try to restart your computer or phone and reconnect.

If you still cannot connect, contact Customer Service and they will tell you the possible causes. In most cases, the login problem is caused by an incorrect user ID or a system error. Wait for them to fix.

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