What is a "billing address" on Steam?

What is a "billing address" on Steam?

Steam users have a number of different ways to pay for games and top up their account. While in the past it was limited to purchasing with a credit or debit card, today it is possible to use almost any system Payment that supports both cards and virtual wallets. Speaking of the latter, we should mention that you can use such popular electronic payment systems as WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal and others to buy games on Steam.

However, bank cards, as such, do not lose their relevance: they are still used by a large number of active and not so active Steam users. At the same time, newcomers have doubts about the connection of this payment method with Steam. One of the most frequent is the following: "What is a billing address on Steam?". It arises directly in the process of adding and / or updating a payment method, and the term "billing address" is the least obvious and most obscure of all, presented as follows:

Settlement address on Steam

A billing address on Steam is essentially an analog of a home address, a place where you can send physical (paper) statements for purchases made in the game store, if necessary. It can be the actual place of residence or the residence record according to the passport. The information about it must be specified in the corresponding field together with the bank card number, its expiration date, the name of the holder, the city of residence (or the card was issued), the postal code and other information ( for example, the mobile phone number) in cases where a payment method is added for the first time or an existing one is changed for another.

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Unlike the card number, phone number and first and last name, the information in the "billing address" field does not have to be real (at least if you do not plan to receive physical statements from Stim). Even so, it is better to enter the real address or at least a part of it, that is, it is not necessary to specify the settlement, the street, its number and the apartment number - as you can see in the first screenshot, it is It is enough to specify only the first one, especially since you can always change this information.

How to specify / modify a billing address on Steam

Being one of those users who came across the notion of "Settlement Address" in Steam in fact, that is, filling in the details of the payment method, you already know without our help how to "get" to this section in the app-client and / or the official website. For everyone else, we will tell you where and how this information is specified and how you can change it if or when you need it.

    1. While on any of the Steam app pages, click on the downward-pointing thumbnail triangle between your profile name and the amount of money in your wallet (or 0,00 otherwise) , found in the upper right corner of the main window.

    1. Select the item. "About the account.".
    2. Once you are on your account information page, click «Change the payment method associated with this account».
    3. You will be redirected to the corresponding page where you can modify your payment details. By the way, the same page can be accessed by following the link below (you will be asked to log into your account with your username and password).

      Stim payment method change page In the card selection field, specify the payment system to which it belongs: Visa, MasterCard, American Express (or other, depending on the country where your Steam account is registered) or a virtual wallet, and then click "Keep going"..

    1. Fill in all the necessary fields to change and / or link the new payment method, that is, provide the following information:
      • Payment system;
      • Card number (or e-wallet number);
      • Validity period and security code (for a bank card);
      • Name and surname of the account holder;
      • City of residence;
      • Billing Address;
      • Postal Code;
      • Country;
      • Phone.

      After filling in all these fields or only those that are required, click on "Keep going"..

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In this way, you will not only add a new payment method or change an existing one on Steam, but you will also specify «Direction of the liquidation.'Because now you know what it is. As is easy to guess, similar to the above action algorithm, you can not only link a new card or wallet to your account, but also simply change the billing address, if necessary.


In this short article, we've discussed what a billing address is on Steam, why you need to specify it (and whether you need to do it completely correctly), and how to change it if the need arises.

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