What is .AAE file? Should you remove it?

Quite a few people report problems with .AAE files while uploading images. And they were confused when opening a photo especially when searching, they found much more than one such alternative. These images can be transferred to your Windows or Mac.

On Windows, this creates various inconveniences and irritates the user. Many individuals are not familiar with AAE files and what they are used for. As individuals try to open it, they receive an error message. Then they get frustrated and have no idea how to fix it.

What are .AAE files?

Format aae file It is designed in the mobile with Apple system by means of the application of images. Apple introduced this kind of file format with iOS 8. These AAE files are in XML format. It is created to save the information of a modified JPG file. The main job of this archive is to transfer the modified data of the photographs and store it so that individuals can access the authentic photographs at any time.

This means that authentic photographs are not altered; only its copies are edited and saved as another copy. So, in any situation, the user wants to remove some photo, the edited photo will be removed. But the authentic photos for the moment existed on his gadget.

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How can I open or how to move AAE files?

Since you cannot open these files directly on your system, we have a way to open these files through some procedures. The .AAE file extension is hidden in the system by default.

They were released in image format without any extension icon on the folder or file. In order to safely open this file on your Windows system, follow the steps now for some methods:

Solution 1: Upload files to Cloud Storage

Step 1: If your Windows was with Dropbox or some cloud hosting, upload AAE files to it.

2nd step: At this time collect all images from Dropbox or cloud hosting.

Solution 2: use mail

Step 1: Send these files to yourself by mail.

2nd step: At this point download the files again.

Notice: The original volume of the unpreserved images. There are some slight changes in the volume of the images.

Solution 3 – Use the image editor

Step 1: Install some image editing app on your gadget.

2nd step: At this time transfer the photos to the editing application.

Step 3: Without making any changes to the photos, save them again.

Solution 4 – Use community apps

Step 1: Select all photos from AAE files and upload them to community apps like Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and many more.

2nd step: At this time go back to download them.

Notice: The quality of the images may be reduced after downloading them from the community apps where you downloaded the .AAE files.

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If you rename or move these images to a different folder with the AAE file format, simply create an identity.

Should I remove the .AAE files?

Yes, you can permanently remove AAE files from your system. These files in Windows system they are quite a bit to use and are not overused for any purpose. The volume of images in AAE file format is very small. It can be about 1KB for each image.

If you leave the AAE files on the system, it may not be a problem if the files are not needed and only fill a few KB of accommodation. If you need to remove them, simply delete them. You cannot harm your images on your system.


The aforementioned will finally help you if you have problems with your AAE files. This provided information assists you to open, delete or recover AAE files on your system. Then, follow the previous procedure to fix certain inconvenience.