What to do if the Google Play Store does not work over Wi-Fi

What to do if the Google Play Store does not work over Wi-Fi

Method 1: Restart your mobile phone

The most trivial but possible option is to simply reboot the device. All you have to do is press and hold the lock button on your Android mobile phone until an action selection window appears, where you have to touch "Rebound". o "Restart". (depending on the version of the operating system). If you need to confirm the action, do so also by pressing "OKAY"..

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Method 2: Change DNS

Play Market cannot be used if your mobile phone uses an inoperative DNS server to retrieve information about domains on the Internet, or if it is very busy.

Keep in mind. All the following screenshots in this article were taken on a device with a "pure" Android operating system. If you use a custom shell, such as MIUI or Samsung One UI, the procedure may differ slightly from the following.

    1. Open your device's settings menu.
    2. Go to category "Network and Internet".

  1. Expand the list of optional connection parameters.
  2. Press "Personal DNS server".
  3. Select the last option in the list and enter any of the following addresses:
    • - Google;
    • - Cloudflare;
    • - OpenDNS
    • - Yandex (not available for Ukrainian users).

    You can also use any other DNS available to the device by looking up its address on the network. Apply the changes by pressing "Save"..

    Important! Remember to put a period at the end of the IP address.

Method 3: Set the date and time

Google Play uses a secure connection for which it is important to set the time correctly. If your device's clock isn't working properly, you won't be able to use their services or many other websites.

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  1. Launch the device setup.
  2. Open tab "System".
  3. Ir a "Date and Time".
  4. Press "Appointment"..
  5. Set the day, month and year: specify the current data at that time. To confirm the action, use the button "OKAY"..
  6. Now you have to set the real time by clicking on this option. It doesn't play as big a role as the date, but it still deserves attention.
  7. Adjust the necessary parameters by moving your finger over the numbers and save the changes by tapping «OK».

Method 4: Troubleshoot your account

The application of Google Play Store cannot be used if you are not logged into your account, or if your account is inaccessible (due to lockouts, outdated or incorrect passwords, and other similar issues). If this is the case, you will need to refer to the instructions you have found in other articles on our site. You can try to restore the profile or create a new one if there is nothing important attached to the lost one.

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Method 5: Manage router configuration

Your router configuration may have a "whitelist" that severely limits the number of available websites. In order to access the Play Market, you must disable this type of filtering or make Google's servers an exception. The situation can also be caused by problems with the detection of the Internet cable, which can be solved according to the instructions in the corresponding article on Lumpics.ru.

Method 6: Update the Play Market

Old versions of the catalog no longer work, so you will have to update it, which can be done in the catalog itself or by using an APK file from a third-party source (be careful and act at your own risk when downloading software from such resources) . One of the articles on our website contains more detailed instructions on this topic.

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Method 7: Uninstalling Conflicting Applications

Some programs may block the launch of Google services. For example, there will be problems when using Freedom, which is designed to add virtual values ​​to games, because it bypasses the authorization server. This and other similar programs are definitely not viral, but it is best to avoid them, because other important services may stop working together with Play Market.

Other forms

If you cannot open any website even after updating DNS, date and time, and performing all other actions listed here, it is worth checking whether your network initially supports Internet access. On the other hand, if the connection is through a free Wi-Fi network, you will first have to authorize through your browser by entering your phone number and SMS code to use the service. This is not always an issue specific to the items discussed here, so it may be worth referring to another article that discusses app store issues in more detail.

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