What to do if the iPhone sends an SMS to +447786205094

What to do if the iPhone sends an SMS to +447786205094

Automatic sending of messages from iPhone to +447786205094 is an issue that appeared in 2010, but is still relevant today. In this article we discuss the causes of this problem and how it can be solved.

The cause of the problem

+447786205094 is a service number normally used by the operating system to activate iMessage. That is, the phone sends a hidden message to the specified number over the Internet, receives a reply, and the function is activated. In case of failure, the message to +447786205094 begins to be sent exactly like an SMS, which means that the money in the mobile account begins to disappear.

The problem is that the iPhone does not signal the sending of messages in any way, there is no indication of the messages sent and received to the number in the standard application - the user finds out about the incident by the fact of the SMS details. Often times, the system can send more than one message by mistake, which will obviously affect the balance, since the transmission is made to another country.

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Deactivate messaging at +447786205094

There are several ways to solve the problem in question. Follow the recommendations one by one, that is, go from the first method to the next until you get a positive result.

Method 1: Restart your smartphone

Most of the problems related to iPhone malfunction are solved with a simple reboot. Try to do it in this case too.

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Method 2: Restart iMessage

  1. Open settings and select "Posts"..
  2. Deactivate the item "IMessage" and reactivate it immediately.
  3. Open the next section «Send / Receive». Make sure your number is correct. Uncheck the remaining items (email addresses).
  4. If you see that there is no check mark next to your phone number, activate any of the available email addresses. However, in this case the recipient will not see your number, but the email address after sending the message.

Method 3: Reset network settings

  1. Open settings and go to "Basic".
  2. Select section "Restart".and then "Reset network settings".
  3. To continue, enter your lock screen passcode and confirm the reset.
  4. The phone will reboot. After restarting, check if there are any problems.

Method 4: Factory Reset

  1. Before you start, you should update your backup. Open the settings and select your Apple ID account name at the top of the window.
  2. Select section "ICloud"followed by "Backup"..
  3. [Click the button] "Create backup"..
  4. Go back to the main configuration window and now select the section "Basic".and then the article "Restart"..
  5. You will need to select "Clear content and settings". Confirm the process by entering the access code.
  6. When the welcome screen appears, perform the initial iPhone setup and restore from the previously created backup.
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Method 5: Top-up balance

If your phone constantly sends messages to +447786205094, it means that it cannot activate the iMessage function, which often cannot be activated due to lack of money in the balance of your smartphone. In this case, try to top up your account.

Method 6: Setting the time zone

Make sure automatic time zone detection is enabled on your phone.

  1. Open settings and select "Basic"..
  2. Go to article "Date and Time".
  3. Activate the parameter "Automatic".. Close the configuration window.

Method 7: Replacing the SIM card

The problem may be with the SIM card itself installed in the smartphone. Contact the nearest mobile phone store and have your card exchanged for a new one. As a rule, the operator reissues the card for free.

These simple guidelines will help you solve your texting problem at +447786205094.

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