What to do if Zoom doesn't work on phone and computer

What to do if Zoom doesn't work on phone and computer.

Zoom is the most popular and requested service in recent months. It is equally useful for personal video calls, and for meetings, conferences and events. Whatever the purpose, when Zoom doesn't work, it's inconvenient and causes panic. But it can be fixed.

Why doesn't Zoom work?

There are several reasons why Zoom isn't working or why you can't join a conference. The user can solve them in about ten minutes. Usually the cause is the Internet or a malfunction of the device. Given the popularity of the service, the issue is likely global and related to the increased load on Zoom's servers. It is not difficult to check and find the problem on your side.

The most common problems are:

  • Poor or non-existent Internet connection;
  • Outdated version of Zoom;
  • Viruses on the device;
  • Server malfunction.

Also, Zoom will not work on older smartphone models or on computers that have difficulty loading the operating system.

What you can do

If it is not possible to access the account, you should check the data you have entered and possibly reset the password. If it is not possible to join the conference through the link, you should ask the owner to send the correct access data and check the settings of the video meeting.

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Checking the Internet connection

Internet problems are the most common reason for a conference not starting. Checking the connection is the first thing to do to check if there is something wrong with Zoom. To do this, try to access any page on the Internet or play a video on YouTube or any other service. On the phone, an active connection can be seen by the icon at the top of the home screen. On your computer, it's in the lower-right corner, near the current date and time information.

If there is no Internet connection, you can try to reconnect manually by clicking the crossed out connection icon. It can also help to reboot the device and, if possible, the router for distributed internet via wi-fi.

Connection speed check

If you have an Internet connection but can't use Zoom, check your connection speed. For this purpose, for example, special services are used:

If the results are very different from normal, you should check for simultaneous large file downloads, program or app updates, or video streaming. If you're connected via Wi-Fi, other connected devices are also checked. Someone else may be downloading a large file or watching a high-quality video. All of them can seriously affect the quality of the connection in Zoom, and should be disabled or limited in their speed.

To avoid slowness during a video call with a poor connection speed, you should enter the Zoom program or app, click the icon with the gear drawn and go to the "Video" section. Make sure "HD Video" and "Set My Look" are turned off. Disabling them will help improve the overall quality of the connection.

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zoom update

Every time Zoom is turned on on your laptop or desktop, it automatically checks for a new version of the software. Periodically, it is important that you check this process yourself. To do this, click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select “Check for updates”. If there are updates, a download window will appear. The service will restart when the process is complete.

On your mobile phone, by default, all programs are updated automatically. But there are situations where user intervention is necessary. To check, open the Play Market, enter "Zoom" without quotes in the search box, and go to the app's page. If a new version is available, instead of the "Open" button, you will see the "Update" option.

A new version of Zoom may require permissions to use the microphone and camera. You must accept it, otherwise the application will not work properly.

For apple devices, the procedure is similar, but you have to search for the app in the App Store.

virus removal

Sometimes you can't open Zoom because malware has infected your computer or mobile phone. Its activity blocks or slows down processes. To rule out this option, the antivirus installed on your device is started in Full Scan mode. When the scan and disinfection are finished, you must restart the computer.

If you don't have an antivirus on your phone or computer, free versions of the most popular services will do: Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee, Dr.Web. For Windows computer users, you can use the built-in "Windows Protector".

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The server crashes

There are situations where Zoom's problem is on the developer's side. For example, there is a global client update at the time of the conference. It also happens that many people decide to use Zoom at the same time and the servers cannot cope with such a flow of people who want to communicate. If you use the service through your computer's browser, it may take a while for the website to open or you may see a "Server is unavailable" message. In this case, you should wait 5-15 minutes and try to access the conference again.

In the program and the application, the failure is manifested by a similar message. You will have to exit Zoom and try to connect again after 3-10 minutes.

There is a special status page on the official website https://status.zoom.us/. You can use it to check if the problem is on the server and developer side. If everything works, you will see the green word "Operating" next to each component of the service. On the same page, you can also read about all the Zoom improvements.

Fixing the causes of Zoom problems is not difficult. "Fixing" the internet will be problematic, but if you know for sure that the problem is there, you can quickly find another wi-fi or temporarily switch to mobile internet. You can update the service and have your computer diagnosed for viruses in advance so you don't interrupt an important call. The only unforeseen difficulty is server or developer crashes. But they have become rare and the chance of getting caught is negligible.

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