What TV channels does JAZZTEL offer? channel list

Jazztel is a brand of telecommunications services established in 1998 that works under Orange Spain and provides fixed telephony, mobile telephony, internet and TV. It emerged as a British company that later migrated to Spain by the majority of investors, but in 2014 new negotiations began that lasted over 2 years.

In the end, on February 7, 2016, a merger by absorption was carried out, at which time the companies described ceased to exist as such and their assets became the property of Orange Espagne, SAU Beyond this, Jazztel continues to be group trademark.

However, you may be especially enthusiastic about hiring this TV service, but first you want to know what TV channels they have the possibility to see with Jazztel, since you do not get impatient in this text you will have that information and more.

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What TV channels can I watch with Jazztel?

Now we will provide you with a list in order of everything that Orange television gives, keep in mind that this is the mother company of Jazztel, that is why they are the real suppliers.

Canal Dial

  • La 1 HD
  • La 2 HD
  • A3HD
  • 4 HD
  • Telecinco HD
  • La Sexta HD
  • Orange channel
  • FOX HD
  • DTT HD
  • Calle 13
  • AMC
  • Fox Life HD
  • Cosmo HD
  • AXN White HD
  • Comedy Central HD
  • Syfy HD 19 XTRM
  • Hollywood Channel HD
  • TMC
  • Sundance-HD
  • Movistar Series
  • Dark
  • We are
  • FDF
  • Energy
  • Neox
  • Atreseries HD
  • NatGeo HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Odisea
  • Discovery Channel HD
  • HD story
  • Mega
  • DMAX
  • Paramount network
  • Dreamworks
  • Disney Jr.
  • Nick jr
  • Boing
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney Channel HD
  • Clan
  • Panda Channel
  • Lolly Kids
  • Travel
  • Canal Cocina
  • Home HD
  • myzen tv
  • Fashion UHD television
  • out tv
  • escape tv
  • This
  • Nova
  • Divinity
  • Be mad
  • MTV Spain
  • ubeat
  • MTV LiveHD
  • VH1
  • Mezzo-HD
  • festival 4k
  • All Flamenco 4K
  • iConcerts
  • Classic HD
  • Mezzo Live HD
  • jazz
  • sun music
  • the bull television
  • TR3CE
  • Telemadrid INT
  • Canal Sur Andalucía
  • TV3cat
  • ETBsat
  • Galicia television Europe
  • 24 hours
  • television snail
  • BBC World
  • CNN
  • TV5 Monde
  • Deutsche Welle
  • Al Jazeera
  • PRO television
  • EWT extension
  • Visionhunter
  • Eurosport 1
  • Eurosport 2
  • TDP HD
  • Fast&FunBox HD
  • Fight Sports
  • ExtremeSport
  • Outdoor channel
  • HD goal
  • Movistar LaLiga
  • Movistar La Liga UHD
  • Movistar La Liga 1
  • Movistar La Liga 1 UHD
  • Movistar Champions League
  • Movistar Champions League UHD
  • Movistar Champions League 1
  • Movistar LaLiga 2 to 10 117 to
  • Movistar Champions League 2
  • real madrid television
  • barca television
  • Betis television
  • television garage
  • SpeedFactory 4K
  • motorcycle ADV
  • France 2
  • France 5
  • M6
  • Gully 150
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What is the benefit of watching television with Jazztel?

Its main interest is the diversity and elasticity of its packs, you can choose the one that best suits your wishes. If, among other things, you are a soccer fan, Jazztel has 2 excellent channels for you, first there is Jazztel television Soccer for 16 euros per month you will have access to the matches of La Liga Santander (first division) La Liga Smart Bank (second division) and the King's Cup.

The second channel is the Jazztel television Champions League, in which matches of the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, the European leagues and the Spanish Super Cup are broadcast in the same way as the other channel for a price of 16 euros.

Assuming that you are not a sports fan and instead consider yourself more of a movie buff, you have the alternative of hiring the Jazztel television, cinema and series pack, which has well over 40 Premium channels inside and brings no value plus Orange Series that broadcasts unique content. This pack costs 14,95 euros but you can get a discount if you contract another Jazztel service.

How can I get Jazztel television?

To watch all the television channels that Jazztel gives you will have to hire an ADSL or fiber fee first from Jazztel or another alternative is to hire a Jazztel fiber and mobile fee, now we will add the price range of these services so that you can evaluate which one suits you best.

Agility Price 100 Mb From 19,95 to 36,95 euros per month 300 Mb From 29,95 to 45,95 euros per month 600 Mb From 28,95 to 47,95 euros per month

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In addition we will include the costs of the projects of fiber optic or ADSL with device and tv.

agility property plan Basic Price 5 GB plus 250 minutes on a mobile line. 100 Mb From €24,95 to €45,95 per month 300 Mb From €28,95 to €50,95 per month 600 Mb From €29,95 to €56,95 per month Basic Added 10 GB and unlimited calls on one mobile line . 100 MB From 36,95 to 54,95 euros per month 300 Mb From 37,95 to 60,95 euros per month 600 Mb From 35,95 to 53,95 euros per month Irresistible 25 GB and unlimited calls on a mobile line . 100 Mb From 39,95 to 58,95 euros per month 300 Mb From 40,95 to 64,95 euros per month 600 Mb From 59,95 to 69,95 euros per month Doubly Irresistible 30 GB and unlimited calls on two lines mobiles. 100 Mb From 59,95 to 69,95 euros per month 300 Mb From 63,95 to 74,95 euros per month 600 Mb From 64,95 to 89,95 euros per month


Taking into account what TV channels you have the possibility to see in jazztel tv y orange television respectively and the different packs they give are understood to be a more than possible alternative to sustain the fun at home.

However, the system with which they work can become somewhat strange since to get Jazztel television you have to contract a different service and simultaneously Orange television deals with the company's television issue, if you can be able to run that system you will have the possibility to enjoy the channels that are seen on Jazztel television.

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That is why you should really think carefully about your settings when choosing an entertainment service for your TV at home. More than anything because of the issue of the pandemic where we must spend more time at home and we have the possibility of getting bored in a simple way. That is why we gave you the main things that you have to understand if you want to hire that TV channel service that comes from the Jazztel telecommunications brand.

We hope this has helped you a lot to understand choosing better!