Whatscan: how does the WhatsApp spy app work

Whatscan: how does the WhatsApp spy app work

Whatscan is a free application for Android mobile phones (on iOS it has been removed) capable of simulating the web version of the aforementioned social network and thus having two shortcuts to the same account on the same device (something that would otherwise be impossible for developers). In this guide we are going to see how to download and use it on mobile phones.

Before we start, we want to clarify that in this guide we will explain how you can use this service to spy on third-party accounts (which is obviously not legal and should not be done) and also how to protect yourself from a possible "theft" of the account.

How to download Whatscan

Due to its illicit nature, the Whatscan application has been removed from the App Store and from Google Play Store, however, on Android mobile phones it is still possible to perform your download via APK. To do this, just click on this link and continue with the installation.

How to use Whatscan

As mentioned above, Whatscan simply simulates the behavior of WhatsApp Web on mobile phones. This will allow you to access two different users from the same device (and thus circumvent the limitations of the service).

Once you open the Whatscan app, you will automatically see a simple QR codewhich, obviously, will have to be downloaded from the device on which the official service is present. Let's now see how to do it.

  • Open WhatsApp on the mobile phone where the account you want to duplicate is located
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Continue with "WhatsApp Web"
  • Frame the Whatscan QR code (found on your personal mobile phone) with the camera (it will open automatically)
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At this point, everything can be used correctly as in a desktop browser. Needless to say, configure the application using a third party mobile phone ...All the messages you exchange with the main account will also automatically appear in this web version, making the spy's life easier.

How to protect yourself from Whatscan

Obviously, there are ways to find out if someone is using Whatscan. you are using this technique with our account.

The simplest method (available on Android) is based on browsing the notification curtain. If «WhatsApp Web is currently active » (and we are not the ones who open it on a PC), then it means that someone is using Whatscan with our account. You can click on the same notification to disconnect.

For the second method, instead, we must follow the following procedure.

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose "WhatsApp Web"
  • Check the different logins under the «Connected computers»
  • Click on "Disconnect" in case of suspicious access

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