why should you use this function

why should you use this function

While some users and companies keep your personal information safe, others piece it together through various means for the purpose of selling it. It's not just individual cybercriminals who need personal information to steal money: big companies are playing a much bigger game.

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What do companies use user data for?

Studying the behavior of Internet users trivializes sales by offering exactly what the person needs at that moment. It's no secret that the services we use every day know everything about us: gender, age, interests, travel history, purchases, phone number and email, not to mention first and last name.

Most of us no longer remember where we put our address and phone number, and this information can end up in the hands of a data subject over time. Personal security is not an empty word. There are a few proven ways to protect you: pseudonymous secondary emails and phone numbers for insecure registrations. And the fight for your "incognito" on the network will have to face an increasing level of paranoia. Apple has tried to help with this problem by introducing a curious feature with the release of iOS 13, iPad OS 13, and macOS Catalina 10.15. "Sign in with apple".

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How the "Continue with apple" feature works

Most of the time, in order to access the most interesting features of a website or resource, the user is asked to register on it. Typically, login is done by creating a new account by entering an email (phone number) or using a set of standard options from popular social media accounts. The prospect of quickly logging in using an existing account on another service is tempting, but are you really ready to give unknown people access to your Facebook or VKontakte profiles? And the full login takes time, even if it's brief, and you'll often have to confirm your email or phone number. These steps may even scare some users.

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A few years ago, a black button appeared on apps and websites when using apple devices "Continue with apple" (Sign in with apple) or Sign in with apple (in non-localized apps).

However, this option does not arise by itself, but it is up to the developers to take care of it.

So when you select "Continue with apple." as proof of identity to log in to the service (app, website), apple only transmits the necessary information: name and email account. But the user has the option to remain "incognito": he can transfer a real email account or a randomly created virtual one associated with his address.

That is where apple will send all emails from the service. The only thing left is facial or fingerprint authentication, but that depends on the device itself. The steps seem simple and really safe.

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How to change the "Continue with apple" setting for a specific app and website on an iPhone or iPad

Set the behavior of the function "Continue with apple" It is done in the iOS Settings. Once at least one entry has been made through the "Continue with apple."along the path Settings → → Password and securitya section will appear Apps that use the apple ID.

Click on Apps that use the apple ID.

This will contain a list of apps that have been logged into with this apple tool.

Configure the behavior of the function for the desired application: redirect to the real box or not use it at all "Continue with apple" (Do not use the apple ID button).

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How to change the email used for forwarding

If you chose to hide your email address when you created your account, you can change the email that forwarded emails arrive at. However, for this you will have to buy a subscription Payment to apple "iCloud+", which includes the full version of the tool "Hide email".

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Function "Hide email" allows you to create unique and random email addresses, whose messages are forwarded to the user's personal mailbox. When using a subscription iCloud+ Users will be able to create any number of email addresses and deactivate them if they need to finish their correspondence.

If you have a subscription iCloud+If you want to change the email used for forwarding, you can do it in the following path: «Settings» → → “iCloud” → “Everyone” → Hide Email → Forward.

To add new email addresses or phone numbers, go to «Settings» → → "Name, phone numbers, email" → "Contact details" → Edit → Add email or phone number.

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What is the benefit of using the “Sign in with apple” feature?

As long as you keep working on the program or service you've chosen, notifications from them aren't particularly annoying. Emails arrive rarely, and the information they contain can be useful (discounts, news, reminders). Over time, the service is no longer needed, but continues to offer its services, and the submission becomes something akin to spam. Sometimes the address ends up on mailing lists, and it is impossible to unsubscribe from them.

If you use authorization with "Sign in with apple"If you have an apple account, this issue can be easily resolved. All you have to do is prohibit forwarding from the virtual mailbox to your main mailbox.

And it is also not difficult to revoke the authorization.

If you do this in Settings, you can also delete other enrollments that are already out of date. Interestingly, even without an apple device, the record created can be used on other devices. The only thing you will miss is the convenience of having to enter a username and password.

Isn't it convenient to feel that you are responsible for keeping your data safe? Of course, apple has access to it too, but you'd have to trust them: if they start trading their users' data, their reputation will be ruined.

For the user, the feature is a bonus, but the developers aren't particularly happy. They lose part of their legitimate earnings in the form of information: the user remains unidentified. It is no coincidence that in 2019, in the United States, some chain stores refused to accept Apple Pay because this payment system interfered with the collection of additional information about customers.

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The feature encourages users to sign up for the services without fearing for their privacy. "Continue with apple" it is fast becoming the go-to tool for keeping your data safe. It is no coincidence that in many popular applications with the option of registering using this method, it is becoming the second most popular after the traditional one - using your email.

It is not difficult to explain - a good and convenient function is in demand. And the developers themselves can obtain data about their users in a long and useful collaboration for all parties. For example, a ticketing service will still retrieve the customer's first and last name during the order process. Delivery services will ask you for a real mobile phone number to coordinate the time. But users are often not willing to provide such information immediately, even at registration. This increases the number of records per "Continue with apple.".

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Prerequisites for the “Sign in from apple” feature to work

To use the function "Continue with apple" on apps and websites, you must:

– an apple ID account with two-factor authentication turned on (turned on by path Settings → Settings → Password and security);

– Access iCloud in the settings of the iPhone, iPad or Mac.

- characteristic "Continue with apple" works on apple devices with iOS 13 and later, iPadOS 13 and later, watchOS 6 and later, macOS Catalina 10.15 and later. Furthermore, the function "Continue with apple." it can also be used on other platforms, for example, Android or Windows.

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It is difficult for the average user to use the Internet without leaving a trace. We are no longer surprised by ads for a product we have recently searched for. Soon information about a person will be even more diverse. There is no need to be scared by progress; in fact, it often helps too. But users want to decide more and more personally who to let peek into their personal life, and whom to protect from it. And you want to spend as little time as possible protecting it, especially since it's always in short supply.

You shouldn't think of apple as such a disinterested assistant. You already know a lot about your users, but you're still saving that information. However, sooner or later the services will add support. "Continue with apple."Because it is better to get an insured user (as shown by the price of the device), even if you want to remain incognito, than to keep the information of a user who never made an order or purchase.

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