Windows 365: how it works and how to test it

Windows 365: how it works and how to test it

Microsoft has decided to take its operating system to the cloud, completely revolutionizing the world of computers and operating systems and inaugurating the Cloud PC! In this way, it will be possible to safely transmit everything related to the Windows experience, that is, settings, applications, files and data in a virtual machine, which does not depend on the computer used by the user.

Therefore, Windows 365 you can guarantee a completely new experience for users that, thanks to the power of the cloud, will be simple but complete. Microsoft's home service is primarily dedicated to businesses, allowing them to experiment with a new 'hybrid' way of working.

If you are curious to know more about what's new from Microsoft, know that in the course of this guide, we have compiled all the information available about Windows 365, so that you understand how it works and how to test it.

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What is Windows 365?

So what is it Windows 365 specifically? Microsoft Home Service is nothing more than a new way to use your PC. In fact, it combines the cloud (secure and reliable) with the computer (easy to use and versatile) and makes them usable by a multitude of users. Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, but also large enterprise customers, Windows 365 lets you create one Cloud pc fully customizable, get a simple, efficient and safe work environment and stream different types of items on any device.

Windows 365 was also born to meet the needs of remote work (so-called smart work), which is increasingly popular within companies. It is therefore possible to work fully and productively anywhere and with greater flexibility.

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Windows 365 allows you to transfer files, data and applications from the cloud to another device and offers some computing power, depending on the chosen plan. Also, you can choose whether to use Windows 10 or its successor, Windows 11, which we remind you that it was recently launched.

Businesses need security when it comes to computers and the cloud. For this reason, Microsoft has wanted to guarantee a secure system, taking advantage of the power of the cloud and based on the principle Zero Trust guarantees the safety and stability of the user. In fact, all information and data is stored in the cloud, not on the device.

Simply put, therefore, Windows 365 allows you to use Microsoft's home operating system "remotely," thanks to virtual machines running inside Microsoft's servers. All this requires a few simple clicks: you connect to the official website, enter your credentials (provided by the company) and start working on the PC in the cloud!

Thanks to Cloud PC , then, the user can access the material anytime and anywhere, greatly simplifying their work. Additionally, a cloud PC, which is fully customizable to your needs, harnesses both the power of the cloud and the power of devices that Microsoft makes available to you.

Therefore, the Redmond company aims to significantly improve “hybrid” work, but also to give companies the opportunity to increase productivity by using work tools in the best possible way.

Windows 365 plans

After knowing a lot of information about Windows 365, it is also good to see all the available plans, as well as its costs. First of all, Windows 365 is designed for both companies as if to big enterprises.

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Microsoft offers several plans:

  • Basic ( 28,20€ ): version that offers 2 vCPUs, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage memory. It is also possible to access and manage the PC in the cloud through the dedicated page and the Office applications and the desktop version of Microsoft Teams are supported (only chat and voice calls are available)
  • Standard (37,30  ): 2 vCPU, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage memory are available. In addition to all the benefits seen in the case of the Basic version, the Standard version is fully compatible with all Microsoft Teams functions.
  • Premium ( 60,10 € ): Suitable for running high performance workloads, this version offers 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, 128GB storage memory. Unlike the versions mentioned above, the Premium version also supports Microsoft Visual Studio , Power BI y Dynamics365.

How to test Windows 365

Windows 365 Business was so successful that Microsoft had to Stop to taste. In fact, the Redmond company has ensured that when they increase capacity, they will facilitate a second test phase.

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