Windows Emulators for Android

Windows Emulators for Android

Due to the limited capabilities of the Android platform, it may be necessary to run a full version of Windows as a standalone application. This is a feasible task thanks to the active development of modern Android devices, many of which have nothing to envy personal computers in terms of power. In the course of today's article we will talk about various emulators of this type, the functionality of which depends directly on the software requirements and the characteristics of the smartphone.

Windows Emulators for Android

There are a large number of emulators that allow you to perform a specific task instead of deploying a full version of Windows on Android. For example, some of the programs considered are designed solely to run games, while others carry most of the Windows functions, allowing only the use of small programs. When choosing an application, these nuances must be taken into account, since even on a powerful phone or tablet, resources are limited.

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Of all the Windows emulators for Android, the Bochs app is the best option for deploying a full version of the operating system. Among the advantages are the low requirements of the smartphone features, the ability to run a large number of programs, limited only by the version of the selected operating system.

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The only downside, which will be noticed far from always, is the control - sometimes the mouse cursor does not respond to gestures or moves too slowly.

Ultimately, if you need to run a fully functional version of Windows up to XP, there is nothing better than Bochs. Not all emulators are equipped with a graphical interface and allow you to control the selection of components that will ultimately determine the capabilities and requirements of the application.

Download Bochs for free from Google Play Market


QEMU software is a well-known option, as it is designed to emulate not only Windows on Android, but also other operating systems on many alternative platforms. Depending on the need it is possible to deploy almost any Windows with the only requirement of an image in IMG or ISO format.

In terms of operation, the application is not much different from Bochs' as it provides a comfortable interface to control emulation. In this case, it is not only compatible with Windows, but also with other operating systems such as Linux. The only disadvantages are the absence of software in the Google Play Market and the difficulties in the mastering process.

QEMU page in 4PDA forum


Limbo PC Emulator can run the vast majority of 32-bit operating systems, including Windows. The available limitations are limited to the technical characteristics of the Android device and the operating system requirements. In particular, it is only possible to run the application on an ARM processor.

Don't get your hopes up about this emulator, because although it is based on QEMU, its capabilities are very limited. Only use Limbo when, for some reason, one of the other emulators considered does not start.

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Download Limbo by 4PDA

dos box

This variant of the emulator, as the name suggests, is not designed to deploy Windows, but to run DOS applications on the phone. This software handles files perfectly, has almost no performance problems even on relatively weak smartphones, and has a relatively low weight.

The main reason DosBox is worth considering when choosing this type of software is the ability to run Windows up to version 95. Of course, it will take some skills to achieve this, but the bottom line is that you can gain control. of a complete Windows. It may not be the best option, but it should not be forgotten either. Especially when deploying an old OS without installing the more cumbersome Bochs and QEMUs.

Buy DosBox Turbo on Google Play Market
Download DosBox Free from Google Play Market

Exa Gear

Of all the options presented, ExaGear is the one that stands out the most, since this application is not a classic Windows emulator. In this case, its main purpose is reduced to running applications created for the computer. Thus, the software independently emulates the work of mandatory components, allowing you to run many games and some programs.

This application has several variations created to run Windows applications of a particular variety. Among them are:

  • ExaGear - Strategies;
  • ExaGear - RPG;
  • ExaGear - Windows Emulator.

In terms of advantages and disadvantages in all cases, the application works much more stable than the previously discussed counterparts, but only if the Android device has impressive power. Otherwise, ExaGear will install and run without problems, but games and programs will not emulate, ending with an error.

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A positive point of the application is also the integration of some compatible games and placed in a separate section. This will not only emulate Windows applications, but it will also allow you to download all the necessary files without any hassle.

ExaGear - Windows Emulator Page on 4PDA Forum
ExaGear - Strategy / RPG page on 4PDA forum


In almost all cases, the emulator requires Windows operating system files in a certain format. You can find suitable distributions on a special page of the 4PDA forum. Using high-quality images and being attentive to applications, you will be able to emulate many versions of Windows with ease, regardless of the shortcomings.

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