Yahoo Mail! – Sign in or enter, .es and others

Yahoo Mail! – Sign in or enter, .es and others.  The web search or messaging service of email Yahoo! It is third in the top of the most used and offers several benefits that allow it to compete soon against the big ones such as Outlook and Gmail.

In this article from tecnonianos, we will teach you point by point how to sign in to from your PC or from your mobile, as well as how to solve some problems when entering.

*You can also go to and then hit “login”

Sign in to mail

Now, we will mention point by point what you have to do to enter the incoming mail of this service:

  1. Go to the official website to login to Yahoo! following this link.
  2. Enter your yahoo email! and press «Next«.
  3. Solve the captcha to verify that you are not a robot.Login to email
  4. in the next field enter your password and press “Next”.

Sign in to Yahoo! from Android or iOS

To sign in to Yahoo! since Android or iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Download the application for your application according to operating system:Yahoo Mail
    yahoo mail ipad
  2. Open the app.
  3. Press the link «Sign in with Yahoo!«.
  4. Enter your email and press “Next”.
  5. Enter your password and to enter.

Sign in to other services

Being a kind of service conglomerate, logging into Yahoo! You will also have income to other benefits, which are:

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  • Yahoo groups.
  • Yahoo Answers.
  • Yahoo Sports.
  • Yahoo Finance.
  • All Yahoo Mobile apps.

To enter the catalog of Yahoo! services, go to and find out what all the services that Yahoo! has to suggest.

Trouble logging in

At the time of entering or entering your account they have the possibility of showing some errors that are luckily solvable. Let's take a look at some of them:

  • Forgotten password: in the login section, press «Do you have problems logging in?». Enter your data, confirm your identity and reset the password.
  • Another email appears: To solve it, simply press the link "Isn't that you?" and you will have the possibility to enter your own email.

Tips for entering safely

Here are some tips when you sign in to Yahoo! to keep your account secure and prevent access to it by third parties:

  • Uncheck the box «Stay logged in» or «Stay signed in» if the gadget you are trying to log in from is not yours.
  • change your password Commonly, choosing an acceptable combination of letters, numbers and also symbols to avoid the feasible theft of your account.
  • Always have an antivirus installed on your gadget, to locate possible malicious programs.
  • Use disposable mail from Yahoo! if you will register in services of dubious origin.

Regional mail domains Yahoo!

Not only the domain is the one that makes this system available to its individuals. Also, there are some regional domains that we should mention:

  • Yahoo! Mexico: in Mexico, you will have the possibility to access your Yahoo! from to your email
  • Yahoo! Spain: if you want to enter your incoming email from Spain, you can enter from to your email
  • Yahoo! Argentina: if you are from Argentina, Yahoo! allows the address to enter your email
  • Yahoo! Colombia: In the situation of Colombia, the Yahoo address is, you can enter your email from that direction.
  • Yahoo! Chili: in Chile, the address of this system is, for addresses
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Note: all these domains point to the same login page.

This is all the information that must be taken into consideration to enter the mail Yahoo! and enjoy the benefits it gives the interface.